Zaid Ali And His ‘Jaani' Wife Will Make You Want To Get Married Right Now

By Iman Zia | 4 Oct, 2017

A few weeks ago, Zaid Ali introduced his gorgeous wife Yumna to the world in a heartfelt video where they answered questions from fans and announced a vlog series that would give everyone a glimpse into their married life. The first vlog is out, and the newlyweds gave anticipated viewers an insight into their private life in an eight-minute video that highlighted their new cozy apartment and all the shenanigans that take place. Needless to say, we’re a tad bit jealous.

The couple introduce fans to their intimate home and both Zaid and Yumna, who he adoringly calls jaani spills on what it’s like to live together

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube

Zaid gushes about Yumna and pokes fun at her getting ready for three hours and how she makes the most mess

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube


After which the couple who live alone, take viewers on a guide of their home

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube


Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube

Fans also get to meet a furry little surprise, the couple’s ‘little boy’ Peanut who loves high-fiving

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube


It’s not often Pakistani celebrities open up their homes in such a public manner, and seeing Zaid and Yumna discuss music, food and all things life is a breath of fresh air

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube

A few familiar faces from Zaid’s previous videos are present too as the couple throw a housewarming party, like Shahveer

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube

And potential couple Sham and Froggy

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/Youtube


Fans flocked to the video and poured out their adoration for the couple and their friends


And while some fell even more in love with the couple


Others were already anticipating future vlogs


Some favored Zaid’s choice of music


While others picked Yumna’s

The video gave fans a closer interaction with the comedian and his new embarkment


The couple’s new pad was embraced by many


And gave their hearty congratulations

The vlog gave serious marriage goals to a few


And some fans gave lovely confessions about the two lovebirds



Have a watch below!


Have you seen the vlog? What are your thoughts on it?

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