13 Skits From The Iconic TV Show ‘Fifty Fifty' That Will Make You Laugh Your Shalwar Off

By Arslan Athar | 4 Oct, 2017

Fifty Fifty aired on PTV in the early 80’s. Without a shadow of doubt, it was Pakistan’s answer to America’s famous sketch comedy show – Saturday Night Live (SNL). With pure Pakistani comedy, the show won hearts all over the country and now with social media, its legacy and love-ability continue.

The cast of the show was just phenomenal. With actors like Javed Sheikh, Bushra Ansari and Ismail Tara the show was destined for greatness. To add on to that it was written and directed by Anwer Maqsood and produced by Shoaib Mansoor, so yeah it REALLY was destined for great things.

Here are some of the greatest skits to come from Fifty Fifty:


1. One Way Ticket To The Moon

Back in the days when ‘One Way Ticket to the Moon’ was a huge hit, Fifty Fifty explored how our society may not need a one way ticket just yet.


2. The show found some interesting cross-cultural connections

K is for karate and K is for kathak, kuch tou connection hoga.


3. They also tackled issues of Sherwani allocation and resulting ‘problems’

Their skits were brilliantly written and the concepts were simple. Some skits were just slapstick while others left you thinking.


4. Oh these people are hella funny 

When phone nikkahs were becoming a thing, the show went about and showed Pakistan it’s greatest fear about the whole scenario.


5. They even had something to say about all those people who moved to ‘Dubai’

Clearly the Dubai bound traffic isn’t a new problem. Bushra Ansari gives us a catchy tune for whenever you’re dropping anyone to the airport for their Dubai flight.


6. Air hostess humor was still pretty big 

Air hostesses were still sassy and customers were still awfully mannered.


7. Poor old Mussarat Nazir wasn’t spared either 

This show really put actresses like Bushra Ansari at the top of their game in the industry.


8. There was also Begum Yazdani’s cooking show, which wasn’t always about cooking 

Begum Yazdani had other aspirations but bechari got a cooking show instead.


9. They gave it to us as it was, siyasat ko bhi nahin chora

P.S. if you’re clueless about politics (jo aapko Pakistani honay ke naatay nahin honay chahiye) this video will definitely NOT help.


10. Angrezi films were made like Punjabi movies and it was glorious 

They tackled the national obsession of speaking English rather well. It is because of skits like this, hilarious yet profound, that Fifty Fifty got its reputation as Pakistan’s SNL.


11. Oh and they even touched upon the Pakistani obsession- shaadiyan

The inner workings of the rukhsati and those often tenuous susraali relations.


12. Tab hi Slimming Centers thay

Getting ‘smarter’ was never easy and still isn’t easy. Technology ka kya faida?


13. They didn’t just have normal chors, Fifty Fifty has Disco chors

Let’s spice up the fact that you’re being robbed!


What are you favorite Fifty Fifty skits? Let us know in the comments section 🙂


Cover image via: tv.com.pk

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