You Guys, Zahid Ahmed And Hania Aamir's New Drama Teaser Legit Looks Promising

By Iman Zia | 12 Mar, 2018

Zahid Ahmed is one of the best THE BEST actor we have right now. Please don’t let my personal bias get in the way, but honestly, he’s a fine, fine actor. If you have ANY doubt, then watch dramas like ‘Besharam’ where he plays the zesty budding politician fighting corruption, or ‘Daldal’ where he’s the illegal immigrant in London. He’s also in talks to be a part of a Netflix production, so suffice to say this, talented and incredibly dapper man is going places.


Zahid unveiled his new look for upcoming ARY drama ‘Visaal’ where he’s sporting longer hair

While the story is yet to be unraveled, Zahid gives off a rather ‘bad boy’ demeanor for his character.

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official/Instagram


A teaser just dropped for ‘Visaal,’ with Zahid in a shalwar kameez and topi (starkly different to his first look) as he meets Hania’s character

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official/Instagram


Zahid’s character knocks on a gate, to which Hania’s character opens, startled – before she shuts it

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official/Instagram


In a little mischievous moment, Zahid slightly caresses Hania’s hand

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official/Instagram


A sly smile from Zahid, and the teaser ends

Source: @zahid.ahmed.official/Instagram


The two make a really great pair we say! Let’s hope this drama doesn’t disappoint!


Have a look at the tantalizing little teaser now!

Visaal!!!!! First teaser! 🙂 #zahidahmed #haniaamir #Visaal #ARYDIGITAL

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Are you excited about the new drama?

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