YouTuber Mubeen From Bekaar Films Just Said Authorities Destroyed His Food Truck Because Of Corruption

By Rameeza Ahmad | 8 Feb, 2019

Bekaar Films walay bhai ke saath kitni bekaar harkat ki hai waise boys ne


Bekaar Films have been one of the more popular YouTubers in Pakistan because of their hilariously relatable sketches. So it’s always rude when some of your favorite celebrities go through some troubling times.


Mubeen from Bekaar Films took to social media recently where he recounted his frustration with the authorities in Karachi who demolished his food cart

Apparently, Mubeen was on his way to work when he received a frantic call saying he needed to get to his cafe and cart business as soon as he could.


When he got to Sindhi Muslim Society where his businesses are located, he saw that authorities, which he assumed to be the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), had destroyed his newly launched food truck and had confiscated materials from his roadside cafe.


While speaking to MangoBaaz, Mubeen shared that he had not gotten any warning or a notification prior to the destruction of his business and confiscation of his property

The backbone of corruption and terrorism broken todayAnd my brother was involved they Arrested him on the spot coz he was mixing too much daal in chawal

Gepostet von Mubeen ul Haq am Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2019

Recently, there has been a massive anti-encroachment drive taking place in Karachi, hundreds of businesses were destroyed and removed from prime Karachi locations and the drive has essentially changed the face of the entire city.

However, Mubeen claimed that he was not encroaching. His food truck’s entire concept is that it is mobile and can be moved. It is usually parked in a parking area. And even if it was parked in a no-parking zone, Mubeen rightly pointed out that the KMC did not have to destroy his truck but could merely have moved it.


Instead, they took to the food truck with hammers and broke the panels and interior and confiscated the things which were inside

Source: Mubeen Ul Haq


Mubeen also questioned if his food truck was illegal, why were other vendors selling food items on stalls in the area unharmed?

He speculated it could be because he never gives bribe money. He said the other vendors in the area are used to paying about 5 to 6 thousands rupees a month to authorities to let them do their business in peace.

Source: Mubeen Ul Haq


Mubeen never gave in to the rishwat-khori because he thought it doesn’t go with his morals

Mubeen went on to tell us that apart from destroying his food truck, the authorities had also gone to his roadside cafe which was completely legal in a commercial area, and taken away the tables, chairs, light fixtures, chillers and more. The staff even lost a cell-phone which was on one of the tables.

Source: Mubeen Ul Haq

Mubeen was incredibly angry about the fact that tables were taken away as customers were sitting and eating.

He said that the KMC had returned everything but the phone, which they claimed they did not have, to his roadside cafe earlier today. This he says proves that they knew they were in the wrong.


When authorities confiscate property like this and destroy what they deem illegal, who pays for the damage to people’s livelihood?

According to Mubeen returning his destroyed and confiscated property is of no use anymore because the damage had already been done. His food truck had been destroyed and he would have to pay for the repairs himself. And now he’s asking who’s going to take responsibility for damage to his personal property.


What happened to Mubeen is incredibly upsetting but obviously, it is not an isolated incident. While Mubeen could use his influence on social media to get his message across, one can’t help but wonder how many ordinary people have been put into similar situations and couldn’t make as much noise about their plight.

Who will take responsibility for this incredibly unjust treatment of honest businessmen? What do you think about this entire situation? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Mubeen ul Haq personal

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