YouTuber Awesamo Just Opened Up About His Ice Use And How He Came Out Of That Darkness

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Jun, 2019

Razo Samo better known as Awesamo opened up about a lot of things… including his addictions.

Pakistani YouTubers hitting the 1 million mark for their subscriber count is still a pretty big deal. And when KhujLee Family’s YouTube channel hit 1 million subscribers, Raza Samo aka Awesamo did not want it only to be a party but a major life lesson for all of his subscribers.

He wanted to share his own story and talk about how his road to success had been littered with hardships.


He starts off by talking about his father, who he says worked at a motorcycle repair shop

Awesamo says his father had saved all his life so he could fulfill his dream of his son getting the best education and becoming a successful man. To make his father’s dream come true, Raza gained admission in a university in Islamabad to study aeronautical engineering.

Source KhujLee Family / YouTube

But he soon found out, he had neither the aptitude nor the interest in the subject. And realized that he would much rather make people laugh. He was always the class clown and would try to make the entire class laugh as the teacher taught.

After that he started dancing and entered competitions in university which lead to him overcoming his stage fright. He then met a friend and developed an interest in beat boxing. And because of all of his talents and him generally being confident and funny, Raza would always find himself as the life of the party and as the center of attention.

However, in his 7th semester, his CGPA dropped below 2.0 and he was asked to leave the university. He found that everyone who had wanted to hang out with him when he had been happy and carefree, no longer wanted to talk to him when he was going through this tough time which had forced him to be a little more serious.


To top all of this off, he found out that apart from all of his father’s life-savings, his mother had also sold her jewelry to pay for his education

And he felt that he couldn’t face going back home. So he decided to rent an apartment live there till he figured something out. He spent days hungry. And felt that he couldn’t face reality, so he got into drugs and started doing a lot of hash.

He had a moment of clarity where he decided to get into art school. He prepared to get into NCA for 8 months but couldn’t make it past the interview round. And after this setback, he fell back into drugs. Hard.

Source KhujLee Family / YouTube


He became addicted to crystal meth and would hang out with other addict friends who would indulge in meth, hash and alcohol

It wasn’t until one of his friends died and that he was shaken enough to question his addictions. While all of this was happening, his family called to tell him that they were facing death threats from a local wadera who they had had a disagreement with. Thus they had to move to Lahore as well.

After this, Raza felt that he had to do something. He realized he had started his YouTube channel back in university and needed to put more content on it so he could make it successful. And that’s exactly what he did. With the help of his friend Haseeb, he got sponsorships and started gaining subscribers as well as making money.

And then he hit a lakh subscribers and there was no stopping him. And that’s exactly what he wanted his subscribers to know; to never give up because if you were willing to work hard you would definitely get your due.

Source KhujLee Family / YouTube


Today, Raza Samo is an example of that. Being one of the most popular YouTuber in the country and having bought his parents a house and a car with his own money

Source: KhujLee Family / YouTube


You can watch the inspiring video below:

What do you think of Raza Samo talking about addiction and overcoming it? Let us know in the comments below.


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