Ladies, These Are 19 Signs That Slowly But Surely You're Turning Into Your Mother

By Hurmat Riaz | 26 Aug, 2017

It is said that daughters are reflection of their mothers. Though you might disagree with your mothers at various points in your life – you may even pick a fight or two – there comes a time when unconsciously you start picking up some peculiar habits of your mother which you only realize that you’ve adopted them when they’ve become part of your daily life.

Apart from developing an affectionate, maternal instinct, here are some instances which are typical mom moments and you may have adopted them:


1. When you start saving plastic bags from your shopping trips to recycle

Now you know why your mother has a plastic bag containing even more plastic bags stashed in her almari.



2. When your recycling instinct attacks takeout food and ice-cream containers

They come in handy, you know.



3. When you start texting your younger siblings to return home before the sun goes down

Jaldee wapis ao or else I’ll tell Amma

Via: Tumblr


4. When you start asking people to place everything they took back at the exact same place

“Maine thaika nahi liya hua botalein bharnay ka!”

Source: Saga Music


5. When your turn your first cookie container into a needle box

It used to be annoying before but now you know you’ve unlocked some kind of achievement.

Via: Reddit


6. When you’re actually happy to see salan in the ice-cream container in your freezer

Ye bhi dhoka hai but you know it is SO MUCH handy. Also, ice-cream container makes a great lunch box.



7. When you think twice before staying out late with friends because it’ll disturb your sleep cycle

Or else you won’t be able to function early in the morning. Also, sleep > everything.

Via: Tumblr


8. When you start agreeing with your mother on issues that you would always pick a fight on, before

Yes mom, you were right. Late night pizza is not good for my health.

Via: Tumblr


9. When you’re more worried about speed limit while driving with your friends than about getting to the concert in time

Hasbi Allah is your go to word on the road.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


10. When gossiping about chachu and phupho kay bachay becomes your favorite “fun” activity

You know phupho’s Fatema is always up to something and it’s always entertaining to talk about.

Via: Tumblr


11. When you start reminding your friends to call you the minute they reach home

There’s no harm in being over protective for your friends.

Source: Oriental Films


12. When you worry about little things such as keeping your friends group together and not losing someone during a shopping trip

It annoys your friends but you know kay zamanah kharab hai.

Source: Saga Music


13. When you actually plan and look forward to doing laundry over the weekend

While reading this, you’ve mentally planned out all of your weekend chores.

Source: Oriental Films


14. When you clean up the mess you made for your midnight snack in the kitchen before going to sleep

You know you cannot tolerate the sight of an untidy kitchen early in the morning.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


15. When you start complaining about your safai wali baji

Aj wo phir nahi ayi. Lemme call her.

Source: Showcase Productions


16. When something breaks in your house and you react like this:

Source: Yash Raj Films


17. When you go to a restaurant and say, “mein tou ye ghar main ziada acha bana leti.

Your friends have asked you not to say something like this while eating out but what can you when you’re so much sughar.

Source: Saga Music


18.When you start saying ‘haye mein sadqay jaon’ to every other cute thing

Source: Dharma Productions


19. When you given your first ever death stare and actually scare someone into silence

It took you some time to get it right but since you mastered it, you know how much helpful it has been in your life.

Source: ||Superwoman|| / YouTube


Do you have any moments which made you realize that you’re turning into your mother? Tell us in the comments section.


Cover image via @zindagigulzarhai_ / Twitter

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