Here's Why The Latest Episode Of “Yakeen Ka Safar” Was Insanely Beautiful

By Iman Zia | 12 Oct, 2017

Last night’s ‘Yakeen Ka Safar‘ was heavy. The enthralling story reached a heartbreaking climax last night, with the Usman family finally gaining closure over the unlawful death of their beloved Daniyal. It was incredibly anticipated, what with Zubia and Asfandyar slowly unraveling before one another and falling deeper in love in a lighthearted previous episode. This particular episode marked the return of a montage of taunting memories around Daniyal’s final days as a lawyer, with heartfelt nostalgia seeping through the screen. It was unsettling, yet after it ended, the Usman family could finally breathe again after years of choking in a stifling darkness.


The episode starts off incredibly lightly, with Zubia daydreaming about Asfandyar’s sweet words

Zubia is intent on encouraging Gaiti and Dr. Haroon to come together because she sees them as the perfect pieces to a broken puzzle. And after her conversation with Asfandyar, who seals it with a sign of approval, Zubia is all the more driven.

Source: Hum Television Network


Asfandyar and Zubia have little interaction, with a mere phone call that is short, but very honeyed

She’s gifted a lovely little suit by a besotted Asfandyar, who phones her to ask if she liked his ‘shopping.’ She isn’t used to such kindness, and cannot fathom it. It’s so beautiful watching the two talk, but the conversation isn’t all too gripping. Zubia is still guarded – it’s evident she loves Asfandyar too, but while he is more forward, Zubia is still fumbling over her past.

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Now we reach the pinnacle of the entire episode which marks the return of Urooj

Urooj Malik, the wicked woman who issued out a FIR against Daniyal for accusing him of rape, returns. She’s in starkly different attire; no longer the zesty secretary she was in the early days when Daniyal hired her. Her son Azeem is in Asfandyar’s hospital, in critical condition. Urooj is standing at the reception desk, begging for news about her son, when Asfandyar arrives.

Source: Hum Television Network

Asfandyar and Urooj meet, and while we’re on the edge of our seats wondering when Asfandyar will realize who she is

It takes Asfandyar a second glance…just a second glance to recognize her. He looks at her in the utmost bewilderment – he cannot believe it, and honestly, who could if they were in his situation? But alas, that is the imperfection of life, and the incredibly eery nature of fate. As her voice fades into the background (kudos to the director for such impeccable direction), Asfandyar collapses into his office.

Source: Hum Television Network


Asfandyar is suddenly plagued by the past, and we see an emotional breakdown that is heart-wrenching to witness

Standing ovation to Ahad Raza Mir, who has unarguably given the best performance of his life thus far as the broken brother haunted by his brother’s demise. Tears and trembling bewitch him, as he recollects that awfully breaking embrace between him and Daniyal, who says ‘mujhe tum pe afsos ho raha hai, tum mere chote bhai ho ke mujhe samaj nahi paa re.’ 

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Daniyal is Asfandyar’s backbone, and after all these years is the only one who plucks Asfandyar out from an impaling dusk as his Doctor’s Oath resonates in the backdrop

He saves Urooj’s son because that is precisely what Daniyal would have wanted. His elder brother never lets ego blur him, nor would he ever allow revenge to hinder him from helping those who needed help (and frankly the right thing to do).

Source: Hum Television Network


Urooj, whose son was saved by Dr. Asfandyar, can no longer live with such aching guilt

She holds a press conference to at long last clear Daniyal’s name, after years of having his loved ones in the shadows. She commends Daniyal for the humble and kind man that he was, and how he sheltered Urooj and gave her a job when everyone else had turned her down; she admitted to everything, from plotting against Daniyal with Rabb Nawaz and accepting foul play to destroy him.

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As the press conference went live on television, Usman watches with the rest of the family in utter dismay and disbelief

They’re silent, shocked and are once again in pain. After it ended, Usman breaks down and is no longer his usual hushed self. He praises both his sons for the beautiful men they were and are. In a heartfelt embrace, parallel to the earlier one between Daniyal and Asfandyar, Usman lets out an aching cry in the arms of his youngest son.

Source: Hum Television Network


The drama invoked heartbreak amongst its fans too


Ahad Raza Mir, the man playing Dr. Asfandyar was commended for his Oscar-worthy performance


With the entire hospital scene being celebrated across the country


Fans were left in shock


And could not stop praising such a breathtaking episode



With particular mention to the oath that resonated in Asfandyar’s head as he made his way to the operating theatre



Other scenes were also picked as winners, in particular, Usman’s breaking speech at the end about his two sons


Fans have lauded the drama as a favorite


With many commending the breathtaking acting and enticing storyline


It really was quite the emotional whirlwind of an episode

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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