This Heartfelt Tweet By Maryam Nawaz About Her Parents Will Make You Forget Politics, For A Second

By Sarah Babar | 12 Oct, 2017

Nawaz Sharif and Kulsum Nawaz have been in headlines over the past few months. Whether it was certain cases, family tussles, or the sudden nomination of Kulsum Nawaz as the MNA from NA120. Among all the hustle and bustle, however, Kulsum Nawaz fell sick.


Towards the end of April, the former First Lady of Pakistan, Kulsum Nawaz was diagnosed with throat cancer

Her children and husband cared for her and she is said to be doing much better now.


She has gone through three successful surgeries, in London, to date and was discharged after her third surgery


In all the political drama that’s going on in our country, we end up forgetting the human aspect of an illness

With so many rival politicians and self-proclaimed analysts slinging accusations at the Sharif family for using Kulsum Nawaz’s illness to their political gains and using it as an excuse to stay out of the country, one begins to wonder whether we actually have lost it all. It’s someone’s mother in a hospital undergoing surgery for cancer, after all…


However, the latest image that Maryam Nawaz put out will make you set aside all politics… for a little while, at least

Maryam Nawaz tweeted this image while announcing that her mother was being prepared for her first round of chemotherapy.

The image shows Nawaz Sharif sitting by his wife’s side and it almost looks like Kulsum is telling him it’s alright.


Her caption states one part of the vows that are usually spoken at Christian weddings but are also considered to be declarations of love, globally

Source: NDTV / Twitter

“Will you love her/him? Comfort her/him,

Comfort her/him,

Honor and keep her/him,

In sickness and in health,

And forsaking all others keep thee only unto her/him as long as you both shall live?”


People also sent a lot of duas their way


Wishing her a speedy recovery


While there were obviously some people saying it’s not a big deal


There were many who wanted their moun boli mother to be okay


And some just asking for privacy for the couple


We hope that Kulsum Nawaz is back on her feet in no time. Regardless of political differences, affiliations and rivalries, she’s a mother and a wife, foremost.

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