These Inspiring Women All Across Pakistan Will Make You Say, YAAAS QUEENS

By MangoBaaz Studio | 8 Mar, 2018

International Women’s Day is all about talking about issues pertaining to women all over the world – the day is a pledge to bring each other up and being stronger together because undoubtedly, there is strength in numbers. It embodies the message of having important femme conversations; one of which is the lack of access to role models in all fields of life.

Pakistani female celebrities are banding together under a mentorship platform like never before to help young women achieve their dreams with the Pond’s Miracle Journey platform.

These include veteran female actor like Samina Peerzada

Best known for her performance in iconic dramas like Dil Diya Dehleez, Dastaan, Durr-e-shahwar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Source: Rewind by Samina Peerzada


Actress, singer and model Sanam Saeed

With multiple accolades for dramas and films like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Mera Nasen, Diyar-e-dil and Dobara Phir Se.

Source: Very Filmy


Chef Shai

Shai needs no introduction, what with all the gastronomic pleasures preceding her name.

Source: Pfizer Via: YouTube


Aamina Sheikh

Dramas like Mein Abdul Nadir Hoon, Jackson Heights and independent films like Seedlings and Good Morning Karachi along with various fashion campaigns bear witness to her talent.

Source: @aaminasheikh Via: Twitter


Vaneeza Ahmed

The psychologist turned model and actor was one of the most sought after faces fashion. Not only that, she has a successful lawn business and beauty concern to her name.

Source: Behtareen


Momina Duraid

The writer, producer and director extraordinaire leads her own production house while also being the backbone to Hum Tv and Hum Films.

Source: Dawn

The platform also includes other female personalities like Nadia Hussain, Zarnak, Misbah Khalid, Shamayel, Maheen Kardar – all representing what it means to be a strong, independent women in the progressive future for Pakistan.


So, What is Pond’s Miracle Journey?

Every year Pond’s Miracle Journey celebrates accomplished women from the fields of Entrepreneurship, Beauty, Health, Social Activism, Education and Professional Training. The the focus this year is towards enabling younger girls as change makers of tomorrow. Ponds has embarked on a new journey giving 330 women a task to pick a younger girl who is a miracle in the making in any field and to personally coach, mentor and help unleash her potential. This represents an all-rounder package that allows them to enter the workspace armed with critical knowledge, get ahead in life, navigate the minefield of the workspace, maintain work-life balance, be able to tackle problems, and eventually help achieve their goals by enabling them to be stronger together.


Watch the video now and join the movement this International Women’s Day:

What do you think about this platform? How useful is it for women to band together and build each other up? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Pond’s.

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