The Ultimate Guide To Women's Day Deals At Restaurants In Lahore

By Sinwan Zahid | 8 Mar, 2018

It’s the International Women’s Day, and we believe women all over the world should be showered with yum food and out-of-this-world deals because it’s not everyday that women are celebrated.

Forget all your diets and daily troubles, you need to go all out with your fellow women and dine like the queens you really are. The two best things to ever exist today – food and women – must be celebrated together! <3

To help you find the best places for your lunch and dinner plans, we’ve got a list of restaurants and eateries offering the best discounts and deals in Lahore for this Women’s Day.


Eat Smart

Source: Eat Smart/Facebook

Billy Bunter’s

Source: Billy Bunter’s/Facebook

Cafe Barbera

See more here.

Source: Cafe Barbera/Facebook

Cafe Solasta

Source: Cafe Solasta/Facebook

The Hashery

See more here

Source: The Hashery/Facebook

Lal Qila

Source: Lal Qila/Facebook


Source: NY212/Facebook

Opium – Chinese & Thai

See more here

Source: Opium/Facebook


See more here

Source: Qabail/Facebook

Street 360

Source: Street360/Facebook

The Sweet Factory

Source: Sweet Factory/Facebook

Twenty Five at Sukh Chan Wellness Club

Source: TwentyFive/Facebook

X2 – Pan Asian Dining

Source: X2/Facebook


Source: Coneheads/Facebook

Thai Chi

See more here

Source: Thai Chi/Facebook


See more here

Source: Wasabi/Facebook

Tapas Fusion Bar

Source: Tapas Fusion Bar/Facebook

The Ramen House

See more here

Source: The Ramen House/Facebook


Congratulations on being a woman, we’re truly the best. #GirlPower

If you find more deals, share them with us and we’ll update this list.

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