13 Pakistani Cricket Fans Who're Really Happy That Imam-ul-haq Replaced Ahmed Shehzad In Yesterday's Match

By Sarmad Amer | 19 Oct, 2017

The Pakistani Cricket team has just won the third One Day International against Sri Lanka. This brings the series total in Pakistan’s favor with 3-0 and two more matches to go.

People were really excited about the spectacular debut of Imam-ul-haq during the match, last night

Imam scored a century, exactly and went on to win the “Man of the Match” trophy. Imam also became the third youngest male player to score a century during their debut match.

Many fans are particularly happy that Imam came in as a replacement for Ahmed Shehzad

Many fans already have a dislike for Ahmed Shehzad and his “entertaining” antics so they were rather happy to see him not play. And when Imam-ul-haq gave such a surprising debut performance, they couldn’t have been more elated.


And these people have got some serious jokes about the replacement:

1. Like this firangi comedian who made an Imam joke


2. And this one who can’t help but speculate what Ahmed Shehzad is really thinking behind that smile

3. This one thinks that Ahmed Shehzad replacements have become a lucky charm for Team Pakistan

4. This guy can’t help but bring up THAT dramatic incident with Ahmed Shehzad

5. Some even went a little too far, declaring the end of Ahmed’s cricketing career

6. And this one has a hilarious Pakistani Cricket collage to explain the whole situation


7. There were jokes about crushes getting married

8. And famous memes being recycled


9. Even some movie references were thrown in for good measure


10. This guy has asked PCB to appoint Ahmed Shehzad as a talent scout for giving good players every time he has to be benched


11. This one thinks Imam’s debut means a goodbye to Ahmed’s opener slot… that is if he gets to stay in the team


12. Ouch! This one got a little too intense


13. But this guy thinks Ahmed has a heart of gold and doesn’t harbor any ill will about Imam


What do you think about Imam-ul-haq’s performance as Ahmed Shehzad’s replacement?

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