15 Of The Most Savage Trolls Who Don't Believe In Ahmad Shahzad’s Injury From Last Night

By Sarmad Amer | 31 Mar, 2017

Ahmad Shahzad, the Pakistani batsman, was injured last night during a match against the West Indies. He collided with Chadwick Walton and appeared to have been injured as he couldn’t stand up. Ambulance was called on to the field and Ahmad was taken to the hospital for check-up, neck brace and all.

Soon after, though, Ahmad returned to the field on his feet and doctors said they couldn’t find any signs of serious harm to the player. This led to many accusing Shahzad was being too melodramatic and even faking his injury.

There were many a trolls and memes starting sprouting on social media, taunting Shahzad over his “acting skills”.

So here are some of the most savage trolls who don’t believe in the authenticity of Ahmad Shahzad’s injury:


1. Like Β this person who couldn’t help but mock Shahzad for his rather quick recovery


2. And this one who’s still on his Logan high


3. The quick recovery seems to be a recurring joke


4. Especially because there’s another famous hero who came back from the dead, literally


5. This guy is defending Ahmad’s “stunt”


6. And this one’s found others like him


7. People are calling Ahmad an actor


8. Giving him Oscars


9. And even going so far as to call him “the best actor”


10. Some even gave him an honorary title


11. This guy couldn’t let the opportunity to make that Virat Kohli joke go


12. Some even concocted news headlines to troll Ahmad



13. Heck, even Shoaib Akhtar trolled Ahmad on national television


14. This Malala hater sure was eager to make a joke


15. And this guy even launched Ahmad’s movie career


Do you think Ahmad Shahzad faked his injury?


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