This is How The World is Celebrating Women's Day

By Sarmad Amer | 8 Mar, 2016

International Women’s Day is commemorated on March 8 every year to celebrate the women who have struggled with so much throughout history and to appreciate and respect them for their courage, bravery and their having been the source of all us being in this world, in the first place. Of course, one wishes for a time when this respect and understanding is a given without the need to specify a day to teach this and reinforce it to everyone but until that happens, here’s to all the courageous heroines in our lives.

This is how the whole world celebrates the International Women’s Day:


1. Women are inspired to become role models for others

Not that they aren’t(or shouldn’t be) already.


2. Others become strong headed with empowering messages in their lives


3. There are those who believe in causes near to them and how specifying days to celebrate women won’t necessarily bring change in the long term

4. Some women are taking the opportunity to chart out their destiny


5. And others have messages for the men


6. There are those who are using this day to look up to their heroes


7. Be it their local heroes


8. Or international icons


9. Many are standing tall in the face of adversity


10. Others are celebrating the comforts they have


11. Language is not a barrier today


12. Neither is society


13. Women are using this day to pray for a time when they will not have to fight for recognition


14. Be strong, happy and, most of all, content with who they are


15. Some men are using this day to mark their status too


16. Ignorance is indeed bliss




17. Ladies, here’s something you all should know


Here’s to all of you, thank you for being you. Happy Women’s Day!

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