Do Women Cause Earthquakes in Pakistan?

Do Women Cause Earthquakes in Pakistan?

Do Women Cause Earthquakes in Pakistan?

With the recent shifts in fault lines in the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal have been on the receiving end of many earthquakes in recent history, the aftershocks and tremors jolting the region more often than we’d like. However, Pakistani fundo reasoning defies all logic as female show of skin is blamed for seismic shifts, among other vices.

Here’s a quick little list:


1. This Pakistani Plato.


2. This nifty nomad.

3. This depressed thug.


4. This foretelling fortune-teller.

5. This conspiracy theorist.


6. This good muslim.


7. This transphobe.


8. These crappy attempts at city wars.


9. This sarcastic comment.


10. This startling realization.


11. This subtle mention of Altaf Bhai.


12. This epic show of sass.


13. This coining of the term ‘azaabi earthquakes’.


14. This call to action.


15. This paramount plea.


16.  This refreshing bit of comic relief.


17. This hit and miss.


18. This poor soul who wanted to re-sell tickets


But got a free lesson on morality, instead…



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