This Woman In Peshawar Brutally Beat Up Two Men And Everyone’s Wondering The Same Thing

By Rameeza Ahmad | 30 Nov, 2018

A woman in Peshawar has been making rounds on the internet.

The video shows a woman in a niqab, confronting and then subsequently slapping and pushing a young man.

As she beats him up, men around her are trying to make her leave him alone. He breaks her hold on him and runs off into traffic so and she pursues him till she loses him in the oncoming traffic.



Source: Nickelodeon

And while all of this is happening, you can see other men merely watching everything unfold and a lot of them actually laughing, including the person who made the video.

The woman then returns to the crowd that had formed, where a female companion of hers, in a burqa is angrily pointing a finger and saying something to another man on a motorcycle. She then approaches the man on the motorcycle and tries to drag him off of it. But he escapes her wrath, barely.


A lot of people automatically assumed the woman beat the men up because they had allegedly harassed her

There has yet to be any confirmation whether the women already knew the men, was this just an incident of marketplace cat-calling or harassment or is there a bigger story at play here. No one really knows yet so everything is merely speculation. And it’s not hard to imagine why since women being harassed in public spaces is fairly common in Pakistan thus this assumption by people doesn’t seem all that outlandish.

And people were shocked that the men had not intervened.

But a lot of people seemed to appreciate the woman beating the men up.

However, someone responsibly pointed out that there might be more to this story than meets the eye.

It isn’t clear why the woman was beating the two men up in the middle of a busy street. But whatever the reason may have been, hopefully, this serves as a lesson to those men who actually do think they can get away with harassing women.

What do you think of this badass Peshawari woman? Let us know in the comments below.


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