Here's A Complete List Of Everyone Who Won At The Lux Style Awards Last Night

By Sarah Babar | 21 Feb, 2018

The LUX Style Awards took place last night and it was a spectacular to behold. From almost all of the industry’s A-listers present there (and some conspicuously absent), the event was star studded and full of entertainment. We have the list of all the winners, from last night, for you. You’re welcome. (ALSO OMG WE MET MEERA JEE AND OUR HEARTS WERE OUTSIDE OUR BODIES, WE LOVE YOU MEERA JEE)


Saheefa Jabbar Khattak for Best Emerging Talent

Source: @socialistaan_official / Instagram

She dedicated the award to her mother and mother in law, and it was positively adorable!


Rizwan ul Haq for Best Fashion Photographer

Source: @official.mak2016 / Instagram


Best Hair & Makeup – Qasim Liaqat

Source: @zeeshanaalee / Instagram


Best Menswear Designer – Republic by Omer Farooq

Source: @paperazzimagazine / Instagram


Sana Safinaz bagged three awards last night, for Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn/Bridal/Pret


Sania Maskatiya however sneaked off that Achievement in Fashion Design Award for Pret

Source: @saniamaskatiya / Instagram


The handsome Hasnain Lehri won Male Model Of The Year

Source: @nabila_salon / Instagram

Hasnain, while giving his speech, thanked the other men who were nominated in the same category. He said that he would never be able to compete with them because he’s learnt from them and will always see them as mentor. He also asked ace photographer Abdullah Haris to join him on stage to receive the award because Abdullah helped Hasnain become who he is today: the best


While Amna Babar won Model Of The Year – Female

Source: @lacescotch / Instagram

People were tearing up, along with Amna during her acceptance speech. Not only was Amna crowned as the best in the industry, last night, but she also bought her mother a house and she couldn’t help but cry while dedicating the award to the strongest woman in her life


Shuja Haider and “Baaghi” made their way to the podium for Best Original Soundtrack



“Sang E Mar Mar” got both Best TV Director (Saife Hassan) and Best Television Writer (Mustafa Afridi)

Source: @noman.qsr / Instagram


However, Saba Qamar reigned supreme when it came to winning the Best TV Actress award for her stellar performance in “Baaghi”



Ahad Raza Mir stole our hearts, last night, and won the Best TV Actor award for “Yakeen Ka Safar”

Source: @ahadrazamirsquad / Instagram

Ahad is a sweetheart. Nothing too complicated. He dedicated the award to his parents, and more importantly, his dada, the legendary Raza Mir, because of whom his father actually joined the field of acting.


“Baaghi” also won the Best TV Play and it was completely absolutely rightfully awarded

Source: @zubiamotiwalla / Instagram

Osman Khalid Butt’s speech for the award was an absolute heart wrenching one where he spoke about how women can never be put down. That their light will never be dimmed. And that made us believe that maybe when a show like “Baaghi”  wins the Best TV Play, times are definitely changing!


Our main boys Kashmir won the Best Emerging Talent award for “Kaaghaz Ka Jahaaz”

Source: @m.bilal.ali / Instagram

These boys have come a long long way since their first audition for the Battle of the Bads


Raza Shah, after proving his prowess with the video for “The Sibbi Song” also bagged the award for it

Source @rzaashaa / Instagram


The men who made us dance – Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi and Waqar Ehsin – also won for the biggest song of the year “Tinak Dhin”

Source: @alisethiofficial / Instagram


Hadiqa Kiani received the Best Album Of The Year Award for “Wajd”

Source: @espr_official / Instagram

Okay we admit we were rooting for Sikandar Ka Mandir who have been on top of their game but, congratulations, Hadiqa!

When it came to films, the tiny champ, Aima Baig won the Best Singer (Female) Award for her work in “Chupan Chupai”

Source: / Instagram

Urwa Hocane got the award for her “Help Me Durdana” famed character in “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” as the Best Supporting Actor (Female)

Source: @mawra_divyanka / Instagram


Javed Sheikh was awarded the Best Supporting Actor (Male) Award for his work in “Na Maloom Award 2” 

Source: @galaxylollywood / Instagram


Nadeem Baig, the man who gave the highest grosses of 2017 – “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”, got awarded the Best Director Award for it

Source: @fizzzzzpk / Instagram

For the final set of awards for the night, we all kiiinda knew who was winning because, well, have you seen any films, lately?


Humayun Saeed and his ‘Fawad Khagga’ got the award for Best Actor in Film award for “Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Source: @lollywood_arabic / Instagram

Humayun’s speech was an extremely emotional one, where he broke down talking about his late parents.


Mahira Khan bagged the Best Actress Award for her power packed performance in Shoaib Mansoor’s “Verna”

Source: @mahirakhancrew / Instagram

Mahira dedicated her award to all the woman nominated with her, and all the women in the country. Those who she grew up with, those she met along the way and those who she looks up to.


All in all, the night was crazy, packed with emotion, tonnes of empowerment, and a lot of entertainment! Until next year, LSAs!



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