13 Things You Will Relate To So Much If You Live In Your “Khwabon Ki Duniya”

By Momina Mindeel | 29 Jul, 2017

If losing your concentration or zoning out a little too quickly is one of your strongest forte, here are some things you’ll be to relate to:


1. You are always asking “kiya?” during conversations because you keep zoning out

Us ne yehe kaha tha na?

Via: deenga.com


2. People just assume you are an irresponsible person who doesn’t like paying attention

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


3. You start doing a task but never finish it because you usually start thinking about something else and forget what you were doing

Source: Spartina Productions / Busboy Productions / Comedy Partners


4. You read a text message, compose an elaborate reply in your head but you forget to actually send it

Via: Tumblr


5. You’ve got SO MANY reminders in your phone because otherwise you would literally get lost

Via: Tumblr


6. Sticky notes are a big part of your life

They’re on your closet, door, bed side, side table and what not.

Via: Tumblr


7. “Hain kya?” is probably the phrase you use the most everyday

It has become your life mantra.

Source: Dharma Productions


8. During work meetings you’ve missed important discussion because you were dreaming scenarios about a perfect life

‘jee kia baray main bat ho rahi thi?’

Via: Tumblr


9. Instead of notes, your notebooks are full of random doodles that you don’t even remember doodling about

Via: Tumblr


10. You never meet deadlines because you were too busy thinking about the most stupidest, randomest thing

Via: Tumblr


11. Food is often eaten cold because you were busy looking out in the distance imagining Dean Winchester as your husband

Source: Kripke Enterprises


12. You have often driven around the same street three times because you were in another zone

Source: FremantleMedia / 19 Entertainment


13. Somehow you always find yourself searching for weird stuff  when you are supposed to study 

Via: Tumblr


But then you do end up finding yourself navigating through life because the world is kind to you.


Cover Image Via: shortday.in

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