This is Why Some Pakistanis Love Their Jobs So Much

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 10 Sep, 2015

It doesn’t matter how much pay you might be earning or whatever senior position you might have at your job, there’s a small chance you might love your job. If that’s the case, you are not like most Pakistanis. Because let’s be honest, most of us like to complain about our boss. And to a large extent, our frustrations are valid.

So, moving past the sarcastic title – what type of manhoos boss do you have?

(Yes, not all bosses are bad)

1. The Dominator

This one wants their employees to know who the Boss is. They will scream at you every chance they get, and would constantly want you to call them Sir or Ma’am.

Source: Youtube

Verdict: Ego ka problem


2. The Don

This one thrives on giving extensive threats to make their employees work. Everyone gives threats, though, the problem is, this person goes through with them. They probably have a huge office with a golden plate that says their name and position… in block letters.

Source: Photobucket

Verdict: Watches too much tv.


3. The Exploiter

This one might be the nicest person you came across when you were being asked to join but rest assured that all disappears pretty quickly. They are all friendly to your face but will basically screw you over every chance they get, with a big bright smile, obviously.


Verdict: Politician ke aulaad


4. Jon Snow

This one was probably passed on the responsibility of handling the company by his dad, or maybe he just worked hard once and then forgot about it. Either way he is entirely clueless as to what’s happening in the company. Hence, he is the Jon Snow of the company, minus the curly hair. You feel like you’re their mentor rather than the other way around. But unlike with Jon Snow, you can’t scream at them “You Know Nothing!” #GameofBosses


Verdict: Nikamma


5. The Classic aka Bazurg

This one is the old-school kind – You’ll probably find one of these in news agencies or really old companies. They will make it a point to tell you about puranay din and how you nawjawan are screwing up the company they helped build. They like things being done a certain way and there is really no way around it.

Source: Giphy

Verdict: Time to retire. 


6. It’s not me it’s you

This one will never take the blame for messes they asked you to make but will take the credit for everything good! And if you try to say otherwise, they will simply refuse to accept that and remind you who’s the boss.

Source: Photobucket

Verdict: Buzdil insaan


7. The Paranoid One 

This one is the most insecure of them all. They think everyone is out to get their position. If you set up in a meeting without their knowledge or talk to a client, they will take it as an offense and end up costing the deal in their paranoia.

Verdict: Insecure


8. The Gossip Girl

This one simply loves to know what everyone is up to. They will probably have a personal secretary whose prime responsibility is to indulge in people’s personal lives and let the boss know. Their interview questions mostly revolve around your relationship status, family, parents’ jobs etc.

Source: Reviewit

Verdict: Needs to get a life


9. Mr/Ms YOLO Angraiz ke aulaad

This one has probably done his MBA from a prestigious university abroad and thinks they are the shit. They also want others to think the same too. They love to dress up and probably use a lot of buzzwords, catchy phrases and tell you how there is no “I” in a team! It actually gets a little annoying after a while.

Source: Sunday Mag

Verdict: Needs to go easy on the self-help books.


10. The “Friend”

This one doesn’t want to be your boss, they want to be your friend. So they’re basically paying you to be their friend, which can get tricky at times. Because being a friend means you can’t really complain about working after hours or doing their personal errands or dealing with some borderline sexual harassment, because, hey! They’re your friend, remember?

Source: dailydot

Verdict: Not your friend


11. The Rupee Pincher A.K.A Kanjoos

He/She is basically a boss with a soul of a shopkeeper, that too of a khoka shopkeeper! He will try to save any amount of rupees he can. He will cut money on air conditioning, on comfortable seats for everyone and even your pay for being 2 minutes late because well, why not!

Source: weknowmemes

Verdict: Kanjoos, makhee choos


12.The Rules Lover

You know how they say ”there’s an app for that.” Well, for this kind of boss that phrase is “There’s a rule for that.” They won’t let you use social media in the office or go out to eat, or use your mobile phones because to them you are robots disguised as humans and relaxing is simply bad for efficiency. Also, #ThugLife.

Source: Khabaristan Times

Verdict: Most boring person in the world


Of course, these are just some of the crazy bosses. There are others that actually help you grow and become better at your job.

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