The 15 Types of Students at LSE

By Zukhruf Mehboob | 9 Sep, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, new academic year has started unrolling in colleges across Pakistan. And this brings some interesting things for the seniors- fresh meat for ragging and to make them your minions. But apart from ragging, which one must confess one really enjoys, an interesting aspect of LSE (yes, Lahore vaala) is coming across the various types of people ranging from the fashion clique to the nerds.

Here are just a few types of people you may come across in one of the premier educational institutions in Pakistan:


1. The ‘mahol’ seekers:

They come for the aala scene a university offers, rather than the education (come to think of it, who even does come for the education anymore). To the disappointment of this lot, there is not much that this uni offers to create the ‘mahol’. Contrary to popular misconception, there are no concerts, carnivals or a welcome party.

Source: Know Your Meme

However, you will get to attend sports week and Halloween party later in the year.  So, please don’t be disappointed at such an early stage.


2. Ones who think of it as ‘Lahore School for Everyone’:

Actually, a majority is of students hold this view but this is not at all the case, sweetheart. And you will get to know about this by no later than the end of your first semester as soon as the quizzes and assignments start rolling in. Good luck with that.


Source: TheFunnyPlace


3. LUMS rejects:

My heart goes out for the ones who fall under this category. At this point many of you are most probably planning to retake A levels exams and enroll in LUMS. Well, no one will stop you from doing so but 50% of you will give up the idea of going through all the khuwari again.

Source: Gagnamite

Why? Because you will start liking it in LSE.


4. The ‘chauka’ qaum:

People belonging to this category would have already met seniors as soon as they stepped on the campus on their very first day, asked them how to ace all the courses and what strategies to follow. Why? Because they will settle for nothing less than a 4.0.


5. The ones who will join daddy’s business:

There will be dozens of such papa ke baitay and the fact that joining abba ka karobar is not at all that easy, these freshies will be acing all quizzes, mids and exams and will be the most punctual ones. Because joining a  well-established business ain’t that easy. Or is it?



6. Them FSc lot:

Every class will have them in a minority and the A level burger awam will address them with words like ‘paindoo’ and ‘cheap’. But there is nothing that you guys need to worry about. You just need to prove it to them that you too are capable of achieving everything that the A level bachas and bachis are.

7. The ones getting married soon:

These girlies will get married somewhere in between these 4 years. So, there is not much motivation for this lot to ace exams or work hard or maintain a high CGPA. Uni’s just a place for socializing for them till their dholkis start.

Source: MangoBaaz


8. ‘Bachiphansanay walay:

These guys really have a plan in mind. There are not here for an easy task. And to look for a suitable bachi they come equipped with their ray bans and flashy accessories. They also line up at the office every single day(even a dozen times a day) just to get into the section with the hottest bachis.

Source: Quickmeme

Told ya! Not at all easy to accomplish.


9. The “fashionable” ones:

These girls and boys will be seen flaunting their LV bags, Gucci belts, Prada shades and Chanel shoes. The amount of make-up and the time that the girls would have spent putting it on will be difficult to calculate but they all will be complaining about the boys staring at them. We don’t see a reason for boys to stare at them like that.

Source: Quickmeme


10. The all-rounders:

One tends to come across a gazillion such students. These smarty pants will be updated with the past, present and future of the university. You will see these faces in every society’s events. The shocking part- they will still have a CGPA that is way better than yours.

Source: Memecrunch


11. The maskay baaz:

Or professor’s pet, we’d rather say. They will escort the teachers to their offices, will carry their things for them, will sit in the front to make sure their faces have been nailed in the instructor’s mind. What does it earn them? Something that we all crave for. Grades, honey, grades.

Source: Quickmeme


12. The kid who is always tense:

Students like these have an unbeatable talent i.e. spreading the waves of worry about. They will get riled up about as petty an issue as submitting an assignment. You’d be lucky enough to not to care but if it’s in your genes to worry about others’ worries, then there definitely is something to worry (worried about the worrisome nature of this worry-full sentence? Oh you worrier!)

Source: Quickmeme


13. The Chill Kids:

You will never see these students complain about anything related to the uni. The reason? They have no idea about what’s going on in classes. They will come, park their Mercs, socialize, sit in the class(if they feel like it) and leave with a group of friends. Because everyday is a celebration.

Source: Quickmeme


14. The Famous bachay:

The whole university will know these students. They will have a huge social circle. You can hear people screaming out their name and know that they are on campus.

Source: Memecrunch


15. Aitchisonians and Grammarians:

Every batch will have an adequate amount of these kids. How will you recognize them? Wait for winters and you will see them flaunting their ‘Batch of bla bla bla’ hoodies. Also, they usually like to hover around among themselves and around each other only. Snobs!

Source: Man with black hat
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