Can We Just Talk About Why Adeel Hussain Hasn't Been On Screen Recently

By Arslan Athar | 26 Oct, 2018

Adeel Hussain has been in a lot of GREAT shows. His acting skills earned him a loyal follower base.

From dramas to movies, the man has done it all, however, recently there has been a serious lack of Adeel Hussain on our screens.


Adeel Hussain has an impressive CV; he’s worked on dramas like Daam, Mera Naseeb, and most famously, Jackson Heights. All of these were dramas that garnered a huge following, not only for the storyline but also for the acting and the vivid characterization. His acting skills, in particular, drew a lot of people towards him. No matter what his role was, he took on the character wholeheartedly and convincingly too. All of his performances were just amazing, and while he may not have gotten to ‘superstar’ status, Adeel was able to garner a loyal follower base that waited for his shows to premiere on TV.


Two performances of his really stand out, for me, personally. His role as Shahbaz in ‘Mera Naseeb’ and his performance as Nadir in ‘Ho Mann Jahan’. 

Both these roles presented two very different sides of his acting abilities. Shahbaz was a caring man who fought for his right to be with the person he loved, while Nadir was a young, impressionable man with an angry side. These characters were different in the way they carried themselves and in the emotions they expressed. Shahbaz was a compassionate young man, who was a bit of a flirt. When he falls for Nazia, he makes sure he takes care of her and he also makes sure he does everything to make her happy. He fights the constraints that are placed on him but also fights the constraints that are imposed on Nazia. Adeel brings life to this character; you can’t help but sort of fall for him.


Nadir starts off as your typical nice guy but as the movie progresses, you can see that he’s under immense stress. On one hand, he has his passion for art and music, and on the other was his need to please his parents and do as they say. This struggle pushes him away from his music, and in turn his friends and fiance. The stress finally gets to him in a fight of rage, followed by a blown out anxiety attack that lands him in the hospital. Since the release of ‘Ho Mann Jahan’, we haven’t seen Adeel Hussain in a Pakistani TV or film production, and honestly, we sort of miss him in our entertainment industry.

The actor recently posted a throwback picture, and well people have been waiting for his comeback since 2014. 

Yaar, even Mahira is asking 

Source: @adeelhusain // Instagram

Fans are DYING to see him come back on-screen

Source: @adeelhusain // Instagram

There is a consensus; Adeel Hussain’s return is awaited

Source: @adeelhusain // Instagram
Source: @adeelhusain // Instagram

His charm is truly undeniable 

Source: @adeelhusain // Instagram


Now, of course, an actor’s ability to take on a project depends a lot on the director and producer of a show. So this is an appeal to all the relevant people in the industry, please cast Adeel Hussain in your shows; he’s versatile, extremely talented and someone who clearly has a very loyal following. If you go through his Instagram account, each and every photo has a few comments asking about when his latest show will air.


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