15 Things That Happen Every Time Someone From Pakistan Visits Relatives In The Pardes

By Arslan Athar | 26 Aug, 2017

If you live abroad you’re bound to get people visiting you from Pakistan. These can be close relatives who are there to just see you, or freeloaders who love you, but love the fact that you don’t charge for your rooms more.

Whatever the case may be, some things always happen when someone visits from the homeland:


1. They’ll definitely bring mithai

There will be a bad of gulab jaman on them at the airport, 100%. Nowadays they even bring tin mein pack hui wi mithaiyan. 

Source: Ruchi’s Kitchen

2. Their bags will be be overflowing even though they will be visiting only for a few days

Lets be real, ain’t no Pakistanis going to pack within the weight limit. Be prepared to break your back, all in the name of love for your ‘loved ones’.

Source: The Living Picture// YouTube

3. They’ll be ‘sorry’ for making you vacate your room

They aren’t sorry. If they actually were sorry they would offer to sleep on the mattress.

Source: Soch The Band

4. At some point you’ll hear ‘shukar hai, loadshedding se humein kuch dinno ki chutti mili’ 

And it is true. Loadshedding is a pain. Every and any relief from it is a blessing.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

5. When your mom makes biryani they’ll say ‘itna takkaluf’ but will devour it like they are eating for the first time in months

They don’t mean it-at all, though.

Source: Deenga

6. When you offer to take them out for dinner, they’ll say ‘iss takkaluf ki kya zaroorat’

They’ll half heartedly offer to eat whatever daal sabzi is already at home, but internally they know ke khaana restaurant mein hoga. 

Source: ARY Films

7. The visiting ladies will bring lawn for the ladies of your house 

Source: Deenga

8. Someone will want to go shopping and then bring the whole dukaan home

Suna hai yahan par sona acha wala milta hai’ 

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

9. Someone in the family will be scandalized by the nangay log at the beach

Acha, waisay yahan utarnay ki koi khaas zaroorat nahin hai’

Source: Deenga

10. Comparisons will be made to how life is like back home in Pakistan

‘Yahan ke tamatar itna laal laal hai. Aur haan dekho yahan sab gaari sahi tareekay se chalatay hai’

Source: ARY Films


First off, its for your own freaking security and secondly you’ll be the one paying the fine for it in any case.

Source: Deenga

12. If there’s a Pakistani clothing brand near you, you HAVE to take them. \\

Not like that store isn’t in Pakistan or anything.

Source: Deenga

13. Getting ready and out of the house is a nightmare in the morning because there will be so many people needing to use bathrooms wagaira

Everyone needs to shower, everyone needs to iron their clothes and about half the population needs to get their makeup right. Your house only has so much space and so many resources. Time is clearly not of the essence.

Source: Deenga

14. Your house will become an absolute mess when your mehmaan start packing

Remember that already heavy bag? Yup, now let’s add a lot of clothes, chocolates and biscuits to it. The bag is now full to the brim with stuff; could explode at any moment.

Source: Adele VEVO

15. Everyone will go to drop them to the airport

Jaldi waapis aye’ you say

Haan aur utnay der mein tum Pakistan ao, humaray paas raho, theek hai’ they say in response. You nod, every hugs and just like that they go back home.

Source: Deenga

Jo bhi ho, always remember, mehmaan ghar mein barkat laatay hai. 


Cover image via: imb.org

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