What Is The Speed Challenge And Why Is Everyone Taking It?

By MangoBaaz Studio | 30 Mar, 2018

Social media comes up with endless possibilities, and endless challenges – while we’ve seen plenty of challenges before like the 10 year challenge, where people shared how they’ve changed in a decade, to some fun challenges like the #InMyFeelings

Source: Reddit

Enter a new player in the scene, the Speed Challenge – where you have to do something you’re good at in just 30 seconds.

Honestly though, it only sounds easy. It’s actually not. At all.  But here’s a chain started by Ali Gul Pir where many of the internet personalities are taking up the Speed Challenge and proving that they know what they’re doing around here, and not just messing with us!

Ali Gul Pir, the rapper of the Vaderay Ka Beta fame, rapped in 30 seconds using 4 comments from his Facebook fans. Incredible? You bet it!

Used 4 of your comments on my live talk in this rap. I dedicate this to my fans! Love you all #PakistanZindabad #Telenor4GSpeedChallenge

Gepostet von Ali Gul Pir am Dienstag, 19. März 2019

He then challenged the masterclass roasting guru, Ducky Bhai, who decided to well… do a roast in under 30 seconds!

And he did a darn good job at it! He then went on to challenge his fans to do the challenge and come up with a brilliant roast of their own.


Roast me in 30 seconds and post in on your social medias using #Telenor4GSpeedChallenge

Gepostet von Ducky Bhai am Donnerstag, 21. März 2019

Ducky then, went on to challenge the Khujlee Family, who decided to wear as many shirts as they could in 30 seconds because well… why not? It’s speedy!

Do something speedy in 30 Seconds and post it on your social media accounts with #telenor4gspeedchallenge and get featured in @khujlee_family Instagram stories, do not forget to mention @razasamo8 and @haseeb.ismat #telenor4gspeedchallenge

Gepostet von Raza Samo am Donnerstag, 21. März 2019

And oh, did Ducky’s fans disappoint? Hell no!

Things are always super interesting when you bring food into the entire equation! Bros Meet The World just casually went on to eat as much Gol Gappas as they could in well… 30 seconds!

Bros Accepted the challenge!

We were nominated for the #telenor4gspeedchallenge by KhujLee Family and things got a little crazzy! What can you do in 30 seconds? Send us your videos.We nominate Blogaey to take up the challenge.

Gepostet von Bros Meet The World am Freitag, 22. März 2019

Aur koi halka aajaye? Impossible! Here’s Saad Mohamed, AKA Desi Mountaineer climbing a flight of 79 steps, gaining 50 ft. of elevation, with a 30kg loaded backpack in under 36 seconds.  

Screaming right now, TBH!

For my #telenor4gspeedchallenge I speed climbed a flight of 79 steps, gaining 50 ft. of elevation, with a 30kg loaded…

Gepostet von Saad Mohamed am Montag, 25. März 2019

And oh, Sindhi Tourism sites in under 10 seconds? Done and dusted!

Pretty sure that by now you must have guessed what the deal is about – The Telenor 4G Speed Challenge is just to see if you’re as fast as the network speed Telenor has been offering.

Not only the challenge has been growing massively, it’s also pretty amazing to see how Pakistanis are capable of doing so much so quickly. Food? Tourism Sites? Roasting the hell outta someone? You name it!

Source: Hum Sitaray

On that note, here’s everyone’s favorite Nasir Khanjan showing us all that you can’t ever leave him behind when it comes to a challenge!

Apple challenge nasirkhanjan ye hai mera #Telenor4GSpeedChallenge

Gepostet von Nasirkhanjan am Montag, 25. März 2019

Are you gonna take the Telenor 4G Speed Challenge? Let us know in the comments!

This post has been sponsored by Telenor Pakistan.

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