What Influence And Power Does To A Person-FIR Against Father And Daughter

By Shanzeh Jalali | 17 Aug, 2022

On the 17th of August, a video was uploaded where a BDS student was getting tortured and humiliated on camera.


What Really Happened?


Final year, BDS filed a complaint against Ana Ali and Danish Ali, even though she was threatened not to. Danish Ali is an influential businessman residing in Faisalabad. His daughter, Ana Ali, was a really close friend of the victim. According to her complaint, Danish started to fancy the victim and asked for her hand in marriage. 

When his proposal was refused, Danish Ali raided the girl’s house with his men and humiliated and assaulted her brother in their house. They took plentiful valuables as well as her brother and the victim. Both of them were brought to Danish Ali’s house where the girl was humiliated. She was forced to lick and kiss Danish Ali’s and Ana Ali’s shoes. Ana Ali’s maid and mother were reducing her, making her videos, and even went on to cut her hair off and shave her eyebrows.

source: Express Tribune

When all of this was not enough, Danish Ali tried to force himself on her and allegedly made a video of that too. 


The victim was told to keep her mouth shut if she wanted videos to not be leaked. The videos got to the internet nonetheless. 


Is this what influential people have come to?

source: Instagram

Basic human decency is what keeps us going. To think you are superior to somebody only because of your wealth and power says a lot about what kind of person you are. To have respect for the other person, even if they are not financially stable as you are, makes a human a human.


FIR has been registered against the Sheikh and her daughter for the brutality against this young girl. 

cover image via  Trendsmap

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