18 Of The Most Irritating Reactions All Feminists Have Heard When They Say, “I'm A Feminist”

By Sakina Hunaid | 11 Jun, 2017

Feminists don’t really get a good rap in Pakistan. Tell someone you’re a feminist and the responses you’ll get will range from confusion to death threats. Feminism is a highly misunderstood movement and therefore it has attracted more hatred than support. Nonetheless, some of the brave souls still hold their head high and charge on.

We asked several feminists what’s the weirdest response they have received to “I am a feminist” and here are our favorites:


1. “You’re a feminist that’s why you wear joggers with shalwar kameez and become a fashion disaster.”

Via: Deenga

Erm… What?


2. So you don’t get married because you are a feminist?

Via: Deenga

How does being a feminist translate into not wanting to be married?


3. So, you’re a lesbian?

Source: Dharma Productions

Okay, this statement wins  the award for being the most popular response.


4. But you’re so pretty, why do you need to be a feminist?

Via: Deenga

Because good looks don’t fight patriarchy, feminism does.


5. So you write articles on the internet?

Via: Giphy

LOL Wut?


6. I don’t think your dad and your boyfriend will be too happy to hear that.

Via: Tumblr



7. You wanna walk around naked?

Via: Deenga

No. But I want to strip you off the sense of entitlement you’ve.


8. Does that mean you are atheist?

Source: IRK Films



9. Han chaar din ki baat ha shaadi k baad rotiyan hi pakani hain.

Via: Deenga

Because this patriarchal society is going to crush me down?


10. How can you be a man and a feminist?

Via: Deenga

I have a dick but I don’t want to be a dick, that’s why I am a feminist.


11. Are you a normal feminist or an extreme one?

Via: Tumblr

I am feminist extreme plus that comes with an added feature  of bullshit slapper – whenever I detect bullshit,  I slap.



12. Eik thappar lageyga tou saara feminism nikal jayega

Via: Deenga

This exact kind of violence is what I stand against.


13. Women got all their rights 1400 years back.

Via: Tumblr

Lol, okay.


14. So if a girl hits, I can hit her back too, right?

Via: tenor.com

A movement that wants to protect women from the violence they face is somehow a movement that allows violence towards them? Irony check karein.


15. Why are you a feminist? Did your nudes get leaked?

Via imgflip


16. So now you’re going to do this to get attention of boys?

Source: onsizzle.com

This exact sense of entitlement that we do everything for men is the exact reason why I am a feminist.


17. You’re a feminist? That’s such a major turnoff but I guess I can bear you.

Nahi rehne dein aap.

18. Feminazi kahin ki

Via: Deenga

Yes, I am the one raping you, killing you for my honor and oppressing you so it makes perfect sense to compare me to someone who did that to Jews.


Hey fellow feminists, what else do you hear?

Cover image via: dawn.com

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