We Watched The New Show “Lockdown Ke Side Effects” By Lemon Max And It's Way Too Relatable

By MangoBaaz Studio | 8 Aug, 2020

Lockdown Ke Side Effects is a hilariously relatable take on our new normal

Remember when the pandemic brought ”lockdown” in our lives? Our life literally stopped for a while. Confined to homes, we had a tough time adjusting to the new normal. Since the lockdown days are about to completely end soon, guess we can look back at the time with a bit more humor, right?


Lemon Max has brought a hilarious new web series named ”Lockdown Ke Side Effects”, to channelize what we all experienced in lockdown

Lemon Max gave interesting insights into how we learnt to cope with the lockdown era. The series creatively highlights our challenges and struggles of the time.

Waise bhi Lemon Max has always promoted positivity and attempted to challenge gender stereotypes and this is just one more of their positive efforts. So, while the actual lockdown may be troublesome, the series is sure to make you laugh.


So, we watched the series ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effect’ and believe us, it was way too relatable

In Episode 1 titled ”Qareeb Aao Na”,   the husband starts with saying that lockdown isn’t bad after all. The entire family eats together and have ample time to listen to Dada jee’s interesting stories. Chotu’s jokes and parents’ arguments do not seem to irritate at all. Everyone has come together, just like old times.

Meanwhile, the wife calls him to come near as well and directs his attention to a pile of dirty dishes. She hands him Lemon Max Bar to clean up. Bechara husband ends the video with “Achay side effects ke bhi side effects hotay hein“.

Been there, done that boy!

Source: Lemon Max / YouTube


Episode 2 of “Lockdown Ke Side Effects” by Lemon Max featured rants of a Working-from-home mom

The wife starts with how the side effects of lockdown are actually ”defects”. The daily routine of 9 to 5 Work from Home and simultaneously 24 hours ”Work for Home” is keeping her all busy. She recalls an embarrassing incident when she called a client but her child yelled for a washroom trip.

When her boss gave her an 8 pm deadline, she juggled with work, house chores and her kid’s online classes. But she did a pretty bad mixup in the end. Well, can’t blame her!

The video ends when the husband brings a surprise lunch for the wife and also cleans up the dishes. The wife happily concludes that “Lockdown ke kuch side effects bohat achay hein”.

Source: Lemon Max / YouTube


Episode 3 of the series by Lemon Max challenged the general mindset and shattered gender roles

The suited-booted husband tells someone that his routine is still the same in lockdown. He wakes up early in the morning and gets ready for work at the exact same time. But the wife tells the caller his ”actual” routine. He makes breakfast at 8 and washes dishes at 9 am. Also, she hands him Lemon Max and reminds him that it’s 9 o’clock.

So, this episode highlights how you can do both office work and household chores and still be on the top of it. Also, there is no shame in that. “Game waqayi saari mindset ki hai”.

Source: Lemon Max / YouTube

The web series beautifully portrays how the lockdown period was a blend of good and bad times. If you want to watch the complete episodes, head over to Lemon Max YouTube Channel.

Tell us, how was your lockdown? Sound off in the comments below.


Cover image via  Lemon Max / YouTube

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