Wasim Akram Shared His Number On Social Media Asking Fans To Call Him So We Did Exactly That And Here's What Happened

By MangoBaaz Studio | 28 Feb, 2021

Wasim Akram ko ki call and turns out he has an interesting message

Who doesn’t want to talk to their idols and when you get an opportunity out of nowhere it is particularly exciting. This is exactly what happened when Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram recently posted his phone number to his social media, inviting everyone to call if they want to hear him.


Wasim Akram sharing his number on social media inviting people to call it if they want to hear him very quickly grabbed EVERYONE’s attention

On 29th January, Wasim Akram took to his social media platform to share a number with his fans that they could dial to hear from him. With this opportunity out of nowhere, his fans flocked to call and hear from him.

Source: wasimakramliveofficial/ Facebook


Fans and friends of Wasim bhai were equally excited at the opportunity to hear the legend himself

With even Shoaib Akhtar talking about it, fans got super excited about the number and soon the internet was being taken over by discussion on the chance to call Wasim Akram.


Eager and curious at this chance, we also decided to give Wasim Akram a call to see what happened next

We could feel our hearts racing from the nervousness and excitement about hearing Wasim Akram on call, while we waited for the call to connect.

Once the call connected, much to our delight, we found out that it was all thanks to Ariel and dialing in and listening to the very end of the call had automatically entered us in Ariel’s lucky draw for a virtual meet and greet with Wasim Akram.

The call also gave us an insight into one of the most irritating troubles of our daily life, The stubborn collar stains!!! We were also told to be glued to our tv screens on January 31 at 8:55 pm to find out more.

And on the exact time, we were greeted on our TVs with a very exciting Ariel ad with none other than Wasim bhai. Take a look for yourself:

As it turns out, this was all part of an Ariel campaign regarding their new, super-tough variant they have launched to fight those very pesky collar stains. Ariel came up with the answer to our ordeal of dealing with stubborn collar stains and this was their creative way of introducing the product.

Well, this sure was one hell of a way to keep us all on the edge and intrigued. Now, we can’t wait for that meet and greet with Wasim bhai.

Did any of you give the number a call too? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via Ariel Pakistan / YouTube

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