Waqar Younis Just Lashed Out At Najam Sethi For Playing Dirty Politics In Cricket & Damn, That's Brutal

By Noor | 4 Dec, 2018

Najam Sethi is known for his excellent work in journalism and for his strong opinions about the asymmetries in the political system of Pakistan. His bold political opinions and aggressive writing skills usually catapult him onto the centre stage. This is what has happened again, another Twitter feud has become inevitable as Waqar Younis has just responded to Sethi’s bold confession.


So recently a video of Najam Sethi being interviewed regarding his opinion on Pakistani cricket has surfaced on social media

In the video, he talked about the internal politics of Pakistan Cricket Board. He pointed out a few issues in Pakistani cricket which included the presence of lobbies and Lahore-Karachi rift.

Source: @waqyounis99/Twitter


Towards the end of the video, He accused Waqar Younis (former coach of Pakistani Cricket Team) of being a bad coach

He further said that despite opposition from several people, Sethi appointed Waqar Younis but unfortunately Waqar’s performance was not satisfactory.

Source: @waqyounis99/Twitter


Waqar couldn’t really hold back and responded back with a retort of his own. He misinterpreted that he was being called a sifarshi tola

He asserted that Sethi sahib kuch bhe boltay rehtay hain and advised Najam Sethi to stick to his dirty politics.


Overall, people were not happy by the response by Waqar Younis


They acknowledged the efforts made by Najam Sethi for cricket in Pakistan


People accused Waqar of ruining the career of several cricketers


They also said that Waqar was responsible for destroying the cricket culture in Pakistan


A lot of them said that Waqar was a proven match fixer and has no right to point fingers on others


People appreciated Najam Sethi for his ‘valuable’ opinion


On the contrary, fans of Waqar Younis urged him to not get involved in Sethi’s dirty games…


… and appreciated Waqar for responding


A few tried to clarify to Waqar bhai that Sethi sahib didn’t mention him as sifarshi tola


Btw, Waqar accidentally tagged the ‘wrong’ PCB account and that person responded by asking him to mention the ‘real PCB’ 

So, what do you think about this twitter clash? And do you think Najam Sethi will respond to this entire thing? Let us know in the comments below.


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