After His Tour Of PM House, Waj Bro Just Visited The Punjab Governor’s Mansion And It’s Actually Pretty Cool

By Biya Haq | 8 Oct, 2018

Wajahat Saeed Khan AKA, Waj bro, AKA Pakistan’s very own Lois Lane of investigative journalism made headlines when he explored the private facilities of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s home.

Source: Dunya News Via YouTube

It was quite riveting.

The host and journalist behind Dunya’s ‘Mahaaz With Wajahat Saeed Khan,” got a good amount of flack for his initial tour.

^ Not really related but still so good.

However recently, Waj Bro showed us around the Governor House in Lahore, and it was actually pretty informative.

Spoiler alert: No toilets this time.

Source: Pakistan Observer

Waj bro began his tour in front of the landmark, in a novelty buggy he drove around the estate, the ‘Mahaaz Mobile.” He also began the tour commenting on his previous trip to the PM’s house, accepting all the hate he got for it, which was unexpected but pretty cool of him! Not a bad start Waj Bro, not a bad start.

The 700 canal, 200 hundred-year-old estate that was once owned by the British, is now one of the most beautiful and historical spots in Pakistan. And finally, it is open to the public.

Also, 300 canal is just for the gardens,  with 200 canals sorted solely for the quarters as well as a boys school and an all-girls school in the area. Oh, and friends, the Gov. house has an artificial lake.

Source: Dunya News Via YouTube


Waj bro took us into the home, to witness all the history and special nooks and crannies of the impressive structure. The house itself is around 200 canals, situated on Mall Road.

The Governor house itself holds an immense amount of cultural and historical significance. With tenants such as the Quaid himself, the first governor, Governor Lawrence and Sir Aitchison of Aitchison college.

From the official library to the grand hall, the Governor house had some absolutely beautiful rooms. Speaking of rooms, Waj Bro specifically pointed out the ‘Prince Wing,’ a room in which the likes of the Shah of Iran, Queen Elizabeth and Jackie Kennedy stayed.

Source: Dunya News Via YouTube

Also, Lady Diana and Hilary Clinton too. Pretty cool, no?

Waj Bro showed us the many faces of the home and even highlighted the fact that though the house has been opened, it is facilitated for meetings constantly and even showed people actually carrying out work and meetings.

Recently, the Governor House was opened to the public in efforts to forward the agenda of Imran Khan’s austerity drive. Opening the doors to the public was the first step in tearing down the wall between the government and the people.

The first time in 200 years, the Governor house is finally open to the public and apart from some ups and downs with the way the area was treated by the masses, the move seems to be a pretty successful one for now.

Source: Dunya News Via YouTube

Waj bro even suggested the idea to rent out the estate and some parts of the house for parties and events. Imagine having a party at the Governor’s Mansion. Not bad, not bad at all. ~ He also took a moment to highlight the fact that all these homes and pieces of furniture and artificial lakes will not make a difference in solidifying the success in the future of our country.

What really matters is our children and the education they receive to lead all of us. Pretty deep, but it seems as though Waj bro has officially wiped himself clean of the PM video.

Source: Dunya News Via YouTube

Until next time, lolsy.

The debate, however, remains that the Governor house is a historical landmark in Pakistan. Now that is it open to the public, the walls between government and the people are coming down, however, how can such a historical site be used and open to the public? With all of its significance, how can we risk our history being tampered with by the masses?

The Austerity plan is a major move, but only if it can properly be carried out.

Have you seen the whole tour? Watch the whole thing here!

And let us know what you think of the Governor house and the Austerity scheme in the comments below! Love you.

Wajahat Saeed Khan’s Tour Of The Prime Minister’s House Is So Epic, Waj Bro Is Becoming A Meme

The Punjab Governor House Has Already Been Trashed By Pakistanis But Are We Really Surprised?

Cover photo source: Dunya News Via YouTube

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