Someone Found A Pakistani Look-alike Of Virat Kohli And People Are Going Crazy Over Him

By Sarah Babar | 12 Jun, 2017

Pakistan has had an okay spell at the ICC Champions Trophy, this year. They’ve won against South Africa but lost to arch nemesis India. But then, when India lost to Sri Lanka, Pakistani Twitter, understandably, lost its mind over social media, and otherwise, too…but in a good way.


Pakistanis don’t have to be sad about not having the greatness of Virat Kohli as their captain, anymore, because we have found our own

Mustafa Sohail, a guy from Karachi, spotteda Virat Kohli doppleganger at a local Domino’s pizza chain.

Virat Kohli spotted at Domino's Pizza Shaheed-e-Milat ???Credits:Mustafa Sohail

Posted by Just Pakistani Things on Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017


The resemblance is so uncanny

Source: BuzzFeed/SahilRizwan


You’d actually do a double-take to check whether there’s an Anushka doppleganger around, too

Source: Star World Entertainment/Koffee With Karan


I mean, look at him hitting a century with that pizza

Source: Just Pakistani Things /Facebook


And people have also taken notice and gotten ~super~ excited

Like this guy who was drawing parallels

Via: Facebook


Indians jumped aboard and also agreed with the whole thing

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


And this girl who’s just confused, I think

Via: Facebook



The fandom for Pakistani Virat Kohli is increasing

Via: Facebook


But, TONIGHT is the decisive match to see whether we can beat the team that beat India

So if we beat Sri Lanka, tonight, after Sri Lanka’s beaten India, that technically means we’re better than India, haina? HAINA? Almost makes you wish we got this champ to get on the team, with the top 11, right?



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