Sri Lanka Beat India And Pakistani Twitter Ki Lottery Lag Gayi

By Ather Ahmed | 9 Jun, 2017

Ramazan is truly the month of blessings. All you have to do is remain patient – that’s the lesson here. Pakistan lost to India last week as a result of which the whole country went into a state depression (okay maybe not everyone). It was as if all hope was lost. But then, yesterday Pakistan beat No. 1 ranked South Africa. If that wasn’t enough, today our loving neighbors lost their match against Sri Lanka. We all know that for a true Pakistani, the joy of India losing is far greater than the boys in green winning (unless the boys in green are the ones defeating India).

Following India’s defeat, Pakistani fans caused a storm on Twitter. Here are some of the most interesting reactions by Pakistani fans.

That’s exactly what is going on in the streets of Pakistan right now…

(after Tarawih)

Someone’s been reading their mythology

Just stating the facts. No disrespect here.

Raj Kumar doesn’t look too pleased with this

This sums up the collective sentiment in Pakistan

Versus what’s happening in England apparently?

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game

Some took their creativity to a whole new level

Throw in a little animation while you’re at it

How about some poetry?

This could actually happen

Obviously, there were gonna be some Bollywood references

And of course, this was bound

If we’ve missed out on something. Please let us know in the comments

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