Viral Nimra Ali Is In Trouble After Copying Sajal Aly's Character

By Anoosha Rehan | 26 Sep, 2020

Nimra Ali copied Sajal Aly and landed in trouble

Due to her chirpiness and her unmatched energy, Nimra Ali took the internet by storm. Her random interview in the park bagged her so many compliments and love from around Pakistan that she was soon invited for an interview on national television. Amidst all the chaos and gloom, people saw Nimra as a ray of sunshine, effortlessly brightening everyone’s mood. People soon became fans of her lively and genuine nature and were all praises for her.

Instant happiness, if you must.

After a recent interview, however, human rights activist, Kapil Dev, pointed out that as much as the interview was fun, her ignorance for the Hindu community residing in Pakistan is highlighted through such a display of words. He called the remark, “Hindu ki Maiya Mar Gyi,” jingoistic and condemned the anchors supporting such an act.


As a Pakistani Hindu, this act by Nimra Ali hurt his sentiments with her video copying Sajal Aly


People were quick to come for the rescue of Nimra Ali and pointed out how she was just copying the dialogue of a Sajal Aly character

While others blamed the speed and the energy, not the intentions.

Some pointed out she wasn’t targeting Hindus, but the ideology.

However, others felt the act to be insensitive and felt sorry for minorities.



A Twitter account that seems to belong to Nimra Ali made it clear that her intention was never to hurt anyone, but just to copy a character by her favorite actress, Sajal Aly. She offered apologies to everyone she might have hurt in the process.

The apology seemed to have been accepted, and Nimra Ali was advised to choose her words carefully

As much as Nimra Ali’s energy radiates positivity and liveliness in the viewers, it is extremely important to scrutinize your thoughts and ideas. Although Nimra was only copying Sajal Aly’s character, it has led to our minorities feeling vulnerable and unsafe in the country. There is no doubt that Nimra Ali has a candid, genuine, and a bubbly personality. However, all perspectives should be taken into account when one is on national television.

We are glad that the matter is resolved and that the apology has been accepted. What do you think about this whole situation? Share it with us in the comments below.


Nimra, The Star Of This Adorable Interview, Has Gone Viral And People LOVE Her


Cover image via: via Facebook / @KDSindhi via Twitter

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