This Video Of Benazir Bhutto Gives A Completely New Look At Her Relationship With Her Children

By Sarah Babar | 21 Jun, 2017

Benazir Bhutto, the first woman in the world to have become the leader of a Muslim majority country, was the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Pakistan People’s Party, too. But you know all of that. What we don’t know is about her life behind the powerful public persona that we know her to be. She was a role model for women all over the country, as are her children, now, for their supporters and followers.


This video of Benazir Bhutto and her children that surfaced on the Internet, is possibly the cutest thing we’ve seen in a really long time.

In the video, the tots that are Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Aseefa are introducing themselves to Simi Garewal, a talk show host in India It was a behind the scenes footage of an episode of Indian TV show R’endezvous with Simi Garewal’ featuring Benazir Bhutto.

Source: Star India


The video is beyond adorable, with Aseefa being a textbook chatterbox and ratting out on her brother for pulling her ears

Source: Star India


Bakhtawar and Bilawal practically look like twins, wearing identical clothes, and being awkward to the max

Source: Star India


Just look at mommy dearest pulling on her child’s nose for being adorably naughty

Source: Star India


What a cute moment between mother and children

Source: Star India

This video is just the purest thing you would have seen in a long time, while we see the three children taking forward their family legacy of being leaders and helping people, this is just a different angle on their lives and it’s so adorably heartwarming.


In this interaction, the great and powerful Benazir Bhutto is just a mother, and the three are just kids goofing around and talking about what they want to talk about, and not what’s in the party manifesto.

You can watch the whole video, here and also go aww


We miss you, BB!

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