Indians Are STILL Salty As Fakh About The Defeat And We've Got The Reactions To Prove It

By Biya Haq | 21 Jun, 2017

Indians were taunting Pakistani fans over a mauqa, mauqa and now that the mauqa has been achieved, things aren’t as fun for them anymore.


So, we won.

Source: Cricbuzz Via: YouTube


Source: Cricbuzz Via: YouTube


Source: Cricbuzz Via: YouTube


Okay one more

Source: Action Ka Daddy Via: YouTube


Last night’s match went down in history as one of the most incredible matches ever played. From the last spot in the ranking to, wait for, CHAMPIONS. Suffice to say, Sarfraz bhai and the boys pulled it off like never before and we couldn’t be more proud.

Of course, in all the happiness of the match last night, we weren’t the only ones who were emotional.


Indians all over the world were distraught and couldn’t handle the loss and though most of us are SORRY NOT SORRY, it was interesting to see the other side of things:


You might have seen this guy sad Indian man floating around the Internet




Threats were thrown

Source: The Quint


Indian publications got in on it

Source: NDTV

Sorry honey, you heard wrong.


Some tried to deflect


Others, not so much

Source: India Times

Sorry for your loss India and also sorry about putting together an entire article based on your sadness.


Source: Cricedge Via: YouTube

If it helps, we’ve been there too – it gets better. Hey, maybe you guys will even become champions one day!


Bus aik aur mauca chahiye na? Lolsy, love you, good game.

Source: MangoBaaz



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