Veena Malik Is Attacking Female Journalists On Twitter And We're Legit Confused

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jun, 2019

Veena Malik has always been a controversial figure in the Pakistani entertainment world. From her time on the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss, to her antics on national TV, Veena Malik has always found a way to be on the news and stay relevant.

With the advent of social media, Veena has found yet another channel and platform to keep herself in the public eye. 

Her Twitter profile is one of the places she shares about her life.


She also shares motivational quotes and images.


As well as hilarious videos of herself. 


But Veena can get political…

Veena attempted to shade journalist Asma Shirazi. 

She tried to insinuate that Asma took bribes from political parties in the past.


This tweet of Veena’s took a quick turn. Another journalist, Javeria Siddiqui responded to her remarks and reminded that women journalists stood by her when she was at her lowest. 

Javeria talks about how women were there for Veena when she was going through a divorce and when controversial photos of her surfaced on the internet.


Javeria even pulled out an old tweet from 2012, where Asma Shirazi talks about hearing Veena’s side of things. 

Javeria uses this as proof to show how women have been there for Veena.


Veena did not take this tweet lightly and attacked the journalist. 

She blamed women who see divorce and ‘behayi’ as normal as the reasons why our society is the place where it is. Veena also talks about how she left her ways after realizing what she was doing was wrong. At the end of her tweet she ‘advises’ people to stop supporting this ‘behayi’. 


This isn’t the first time Veena has let her views be known, and this isn’t the first time she’s forgotten the support she got. 

After this year’s Aurat March, Veena took to Twitter to call all the slogans behaya and said that the march brought ‘humiliation’ onto the women of Pakistan.


Even back then, people were quick to remind Veena about the debt she owes to the many women who stood up to her. 


Veena Malik claims to be reformed and to have moved on from her past. While that is great in itself, she mustn’t forget the people and the movement that supported her and helped her to rebuild herself.

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