Ushna Shah Spoke Out About How Therapy Helped Her Control Her Anger On Sets

By Iman Zia | 2 Jul, 2019

Dr. Shaista Lodhi’s most recent guest on ‘Gupshup With Shaista’ was bold and unapologetic Ushna Shah, who opened up about the industry, her ideal husband and how therapy helped her control her “tantrums.”

Ushna Shah sat down with Dr. Shaista Lodhi in a bare-all interview, where she discussed her coming-of-age as an actress, and how she had to control her “tantrums” early on in the industry.

The ‘Balaa’ actress revealed she suffered from mood swings and was possessive as a child, having come from a large family. When asked about how she tamed her mood swings, Ushna revealed it was therapy that dampened them; “mein bohot hyper hojati ti, I didn’t have mood swings (onset), but an aggression” when things didn’t go her way.

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The actress spoke about how she left her studies as a teen to pursue acting, much to the dismay of her mother.

Moving to Karachi was tough on Ushna, she missed her mother in the fetal stages especially feeling lonely in a new city. Despite feeling an entitled sense of “azaadi,” Ushna began yearning for someone to question her whereabouts, just to get that feeling of ‘someone being there.’

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When asked about the industry, Ushna admitted that it can be very “ugly” in particular when dealing with scandal and gossip.

Everyone has an opinion, and “you have to develop a thick skin” to survive in such a brutal warzone – she said only “mature” and “intelligent” people can flourish in such a dark fraternity.

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Ushna revealed she’s had trouble keeping in shape because she’s a “big emotional eater.”

The ‘Cheekh’ actress aired her grievances over her fluctuating weight, pinning it on the fact that she loves food a little too much. “Ghussay wali Ushna is like bhooki Ushna,” chuckled the actress. She said she was a combination of being a “depression eater,” and a “happy eater” and how “it’s a problem” being someone who turns to food at almost every instance.

Source: SL Digital / YouTube


Ushna’s ideal husband has to be “financially stable” and not “loaded,” as Dr. Shaista assumed.

“He doesn’t have to be loaded” but instead “financially stable,” Ushna said, giving credible validation for her response; “a man should be a protector and a provider” even if the woman is independent, and like Ushna doesn’t “take anything from anyone.” She gave food for thought by suggesting that if a man was not a protector or a provider, then his “mardaani” would make him insecure, and he would, in turn, unleash that insecurity on his partner.


Here’s the full interview:


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