Ushna Shah Just Got Dragged Into An Epic Instagram Fight With This Makeup Artist And Kutton Wali Hogayi Hai

By Iman Zia | 8 Jan, 2019

Makeup artist Omayr Waqar and actress Ushna Shah have kickstarted 2019 with THE most epic fight online. It all started when Omayr got bitten by a stray dog a week ago and was hospitalized as a result, and kept updating his followers about his healing.

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There is the likely possibility that once bitten by a stray dog, you might get rabies, and so Omayr wrote about how he got his wounds immediately checked after getting “4 injections because they were so deep.”

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Previously, Omayr also clearly said that he didn’t care if what he was about to say would “hurt people’s feelings,” but “stray dogs must be removed from Karachi.”

He went on to say “because clearly, no one wants to treat them, hence I hope they get removed. They are disgusting and harmful.”

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Ushna Shah then stepped in and screenshotted Omayr’s story, and added her own comments calling him “disgusting and disappointed.”


She said how it took him a long time to get to where he is, and that “being kind to God’s creatures will get you further than forced shout outs.”

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This triggered the makeup artist then said that the actress apparently ” treats poor people on the road like trash.”

He went onto accuse her of treating “people at work like shit” and “uses and abuses friends” and not even asking him if he was alright after he got bitten.

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Omayr posted various screenshots of Ushna’s responses to various Twitter users as further proof of his statement.

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Source: @omayrwaqar/Instagram


We reached out to Ushna for an official statement and this is what she says:

““I do not like to respond to malignant gossip but since this attacks me as a human and not only a public figure, I’d like to clear things out. I have met Mr.Waqar a total of 4-5 times. Once on a shoot in Islamabad, once at his birthday party which he vehemently invited me to. And a few other times at a few get togethers in Karachi where he would be the plus one of invited acquaintances; we do not share a close social space. I wish to clarify that I do not know Mr.Waqar personally at all, nor do we share any close mutual friends. I have always felt the need to speak up for animals since they are heavily persecuted against and can not speak up for themselves. Mr. Waqar’s attacks against my personality are unwarranted and needless to say, untrue. I would like to once again state that I do not know Mr. Waqar personally, and as a public figure I make it a point to not allow work acquaintances who show an uncomfortably keen interest in my personal life to get to close to me. I am well aware that these needless attacks are for the purpose of using my name for Mr.Waqar’s PR, and yet knowing this I am responding to this in hopes that people will take from it the message that is close to my heart: please treat stray animals with kindness, they only bite if they are scared or provoked. Angry dogs are abused dogs and culling is not the answer. Please make a difference and spay or neuter stray dogs whenever you get the opportunity. Love, Ushna.”


What are your thoughts on this situation?


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