America's United Airlines Is Getting Dragged All Over The Internet For Humiliating A Customer And It's Really Nasty

By Sarah Babar | 11 Apr, 2017

Since yesterday the American airline company, United Airlines has become an even more hated airline than PIA. Yes, I know, unbelievable right? Leeeeekin, PIA only beats it’s low standards, not it’s customers, just because they’ve overbooked.


Airlines have done some of the craziest shit when they’ve overbooked their flights

Remember that story where PIA flew someone on the toilet seat because they overbooked the flight?

Nai pata tha, na? That’s what makes PIA Great People To Fly With, and United Airlines, not so much.

Yes, we’ve seen issues with the VIP culture, in Pakistan. However, nothing like this has ever happened before.

But United Airlines just went waaaaay overboard when they overbooked a flight and tried to rectify that

So what happened was, United Airlines overbooked a flight, and asked people to ‘volunteer’ to get off, in return for a compensation ($400 and hotel stay).

I know that doesn’t sound too bad. However, when nobody volunteered to get off, they used actual brute force against a Chinese passenger and dragged him off the plane. Yepp, that actually happened. The man hit his head on an armrest on the way, was rendered unconscious and bled his way off of the jahaaz. 


Passengers protested against it, his wife looked beyond confused, and everyone was just shocked at what happened.

The reason why this particular couple didn’t originally volunteer to get off the plane is because the man is a doctor who had patients to get back to the next day.

They let him back on the plane a while later, but his face was covered in blood and he kept mumbling ‘I need to get home I need to get home’.

Another video surfaced of him hugging the separators repeating ‘Just kill me’ over and over again.

I can’t even imagine what the guy must have gone through, both physically and emotionally.


The Internet spares no one, not especially after you humiliate innocent people, like United did.

Royal Jordanian Airlines and Southwest Airlines jumped at this opportunity and had their fair say in the matter, too.


You know who else voiced their opinion?

Also, ew, this

Jk that’s fake.


But this funny bit by Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin isn’t

While something like this should never happen to anyone, anywhere in the world, we just hope this matter is investigated fully and not treated like every other time a white guy has a ‘mental imbalance’ or is ’emotionally disturbed’.

At least their’s an investigation, so hopefully United’s officials who did this will be put to shame


Till then

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