Ladies, These Are The Answers To 13 Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask Your Gynecologist

By Iman Zia | 11 Apr, 2017

Asking a gynecologist can be intimidating but it’s necessary.

Asking a complete stranger daunting and intimate questions about your body can be terrifying and incredibly uncomfortable. Visiting a gynecologist in Pakistan is far from the norm and unfortunately isn’t an inherent part of everyday culture. But engaging in regular check-ups is vital and necessary and you should be going to your local gynecologist at least once a year.

Once you start menstruating, you should start incorporating a gynecologist into your life because there are vital tests that you need to do. If you’re new to all of this, don’t worry, here are 21 basic questions you should ask your local gynecologist with answers we have compiled from professionals.


1. I missed my periods. Am I pregnant?

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Don’t be put off asking this question. A lot of our periods are late, mostly because of hormonal issues however if you’re sexually active then it could be pregnancy. Don’t worry, all you have to do is take some tests to find out if you actually are.


2. My PMS is getting out of hand, how do I control it?

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While having mood swings is a part of PMS, feelings that stem from anxiety and more explosive negative bouts of feelings could imply you have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Do convey these feelings to the doctor if you think your PMS is getting the best of you.


3. A blood relative suffered from ovarian cancer. Should I be worried?

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A test is always a good idea especially if you have a close relative who has suffered from any form of cancer. It’s worth noting down your family history with your gynecologist and start screening accordingly.


4. How do I perform a vaginal exam myself at home?

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You can always wait for the doctor’s visit and have them check for lumps or other things your doctor tells you to be on the look out for, but sometimes it’s worth doing a small check up yourself. Your gynecologist will tell you how to best check for lumps and will tell you more about pap smear tests that EVERY woman has to have done.


5. I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain during intercourse. What could be the reason?

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While pain during intercourse is normal the first time, if it persists then it’s worth asking what the possible reasons could be.


6. Dear gynecologist, why does sex hurt?

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There can be lots of factors explaining why sexual intercourse hurts. Be sure to be very specific if it’s continually hurting you. It could just be as simple as not having enough lubrication down there but if the problem persists then definitely ask!


7. Do I need to see a gynecologist if my periods are heavy?

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Every woman has a different flow and heavy bleeding is perfectly normal for most. However, if you’re concerned there might be an underlying cause for concern then do talk it out with your doctor.


8. When do I need to go see a gynecologist for the first time?

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Anyone who’s around the age of 13-15 should start seeing one. Your first visit will just be a casual conversation of getting to know one another so don’t shy away.


9. Can I get pregnant while I’m on my period?

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Yes, you can and if whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, there are intervals when you’re ovulating that increase chances. Ask your gynecologist for more details!


10. What are the best contraceptives available in the market if me and my husband don’t want kids right away?


Living in Pakistan, be sure to only go to pharmacies and well-known stores to get your contraceptives from. Always check the expiry dates and ask your doctor for the best forms of contraception! There are a lot in the market, so it’s best to be fully aware of the different kinds.


11. How often should I visit a gynecologist?

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Annually should be the minimum, but it all depends on your circumstances and if you have any pressing concerns. Discuss this! The more open you are with your gynecologist, the better.


12. There is a bump around my vaginal tissue. Should I be worried?

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While it could be a lot of reasons, it could be something a little worrying or as simple as ingrown hair. Always inform!


13. Is bleeding after sex normal?

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If it’s your first time then yes in most cases it’s normal. However if it is regular then it’s worth talking to your doctor about it because it could be something more serious.


Always ask for help. It’s okay if you’re unsure about certain things, that’s what your doctors are there for.




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