Umair Jaswal Shared How He Met Sana Javed And It's Adorable

By Sana Yasmeen | 28 Dec, 2020

Everybody’s favorite musician Umair Jaswal has his roots in the hearts of his fans for all the right reasons. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but he also happens to be a tremendously talented actor. However, Umair Jaswal ended up breaking quite a number of hearts after he announced his marriage to the most admirable, Sana Javed.


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Our editor Sajeer Shaikh chatted with Umair Jaswal in a virtual baatcheet session where he talked about his initial reaction to COVID

Umair, when asked about his mental health and reaction to how this year has turned out, explained that he felt the same as everybody else during the initial period. With his travel project being halted because of COVID, he felt unsure and depressed. However, now he believes that this lifestyle has been adopted as the new normal by him, and along with it comes a positive mindset.

The thing that helped him the most as his ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ was the hope that things will get better.


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Talking about trolls, he stated that he had never taken them seriously and also believed in not opening the doors of his personal life wide open for the world.

When asked about trolls, Umair replied that he was not the person to take the internet trolls seriously because some people are adamant about hating everything under the sun and one can not make everybody happy. He believed that when people are being too bitter they are just reflecting their own personalities.

He also stated that it is not necessary to put up all of one’s life on social media as that gives the trolls more opportunities to talk and comment. One should use their social media to connect with their fans and use their art as a medium of connection instead of displaying everything about one’s personal life.

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Umair Jaswal proceeded to answer questions about how he met Sana Javed and how married life was treating him.

With a vibrant smile on his face as soon as the questions about his wife popped up, he exclaimed that God has been very kind to him and Sana. They had been buddies for an incredibly long time and marrying her is a clear example of ‘marrying your best friend’.

Despite being busy in their work, they try to spend as much time as they can with each other. He also verbally reciprocated the love his fans sent towards him and Sana during the session.



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He also shed light on his upcoming song with Sanam Marvi and explained in detail the feelings attached to this song.

Talking about his upcoming song, he stated that his music was gradually becoming a part of what he feels inside. This upcoming song is very close to his heart and is about a man talking to his Lord. Further elaborating on this upcoming project, he stated that he was extremely humbled to be sharing this project with the legendary Sanam Marvi.

He also talked about one’s relationship with God, stating that troubles are a part of life and the connection with God helps bear through these troubles.

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He also went ahead and answered some of the fan questions that were sent prior to the session.

He answered the question about his favorite composition of his that he had come up with by stating that it was like asking a mother who her favorite child was. He then said that the song he felt the most connected to was his upcoming song. This song resonated with him on a deeper level and also expressed the hope that it is well-liked by everybody.

Describing his personality in one word, he chose the term ‘curious’ and said that to have curiosity in one’s life is extremely important and so is struggling for it. He also stated that he felt disappointed at the way the newer generation of our society was headed towards. He also stated that there’s a massive difference between ‘disagreement’ and ‘being hateful’ and the teens of our society only focus on the hate.

Talking about embarrassing moments of his childhood, he stated that there were plenty of stories with his brother but they were way too embarrassing to be told.

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A rapid-fire session was then enjoyed with Umair Jaswal as he answered questions about his favorites and so much more.

Answering a rapid-fire question about his favorite Pakistani actor, Umair Jaswal named Sana Javed. Uzair Jaswal took place as his favorite Pakistani singer. He also answered that his parents were the main driving force of his life and knowing that there were so many things to be discovered made him get out of bed every day.

He also said that singing with Naseebo Laal jee was one of the most challenging things he has done in his music career as he had to match her incredibly high vocal register. He also negated people’s assumption of him being rude. Furthermore, Umair Jaswal stated that there must be an appreciation within the industry for new people and everybody else. He expected the industry to be open-hearted, but that is not the case.

He also advised haters to ‘love’ more and thanked his fans for always being here. He stated that his fans are his family and showed his appreciation towards the fans.

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You can enjoy the complete baatcheet session of Umair Jaswal here.



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Well well, Umair Jaswal sure is an incredible person to talk to. Not only is he an incredibly talented individual but has a super sweet and humble side to him. What do you think about this session? Did you enjoy the baat cheet as much as we did listening to it? Let us know in the comments below.


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