This Traveler Found The Same Man In Different Trip Photos And It's Kinda Freaky

By Maryam Khalid | 28 Dec, 2020

Today, we have the most unique story of a traveler who spotted the same person during his trips.

Frequent traveler Amaar Syed got photobombed by the same gora guy when he traveled to two different countries with a gap of one year!

Amaar shared his weird coincidence in a Facebook group ‘The Travel Diary.’ In 2018, Amaar visited Athens, Greece, and clicked a picture there. In 2019, after one whole year, he clicked a picture in Oslo, Norway and the Google face recognition feature recognized the photobomber. Mind = Blown.

Can you see the one in a white shirt and shorts in both pictures? Yes, that’s the one!

Source: Facebook

MangoBaaz talked to traveler Amaar Syed to find out more about his crazy, crazy coincidence.

Amaar works for the government of the UK, that is the UK civil service. He is an avid traveler, into reading, architecture, and mobile photography. He also shared a very interesting fact about him that he owned a Nokia phone since forever and never went for another brand, neither a digital professional camera. So, all his pictures are by Nokia. A loyal one right here!

So far, Amaar has been to 5 continents, 45 countries, and 286 cities!

Amaar shared his mind-boggling story of how he encountered the same person. Let’s hear it in his own words:

”I was going through my old pictures on the phone, and then the android software got this auto face recognition feature.  I started going through it and then these 2 photos turned up, with this guy in them. I zoomed 100 times, thinking it’s a different guy but turned out to be the same!”

“And in both pictures, it looks like he is posing as if my friend. Imagine if I upload all my travel pictures on the phone and see him in more. Confirm jinn hai phir!”

Source: Amaar Syed

Amaar shared how his post exploded on social media and fellow travelers came up with so many conspiracy theories.

Okay, I have two theories as well. He is either a ghost or a spy following him around the globe. He’s in white in both pictures for god sake!

Amaar shared a really good message with this encounter. ”It just proves how small the world is and life is always full of surprises, one needs to just lookout for it.”

So, here we have the most surprising travel incident of finding the same guy in two different countries. Between you and me, I don’t even find my stuff in the same place I leave it. Traveling is always a good idea and here’s to hoping that it resumes after the pandemic is over someday.

So what do you think of the coincidence? Do you have your conspiracy theories? Let us know in the comments!


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Cover image via Amaar Syed/ Facebook

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