Uh Oh! This Photographer Just Called Out PM Imran Khan For Stealing His Work & Removing His Watermark

By Noor | 7 Dec, 2020

Did PM Imran Khan just got caught stealing someone’s work?

Our Prime Minister is widely known to harness social media for his gain toh kiya hua if it is also his Government that’s trying to ban social media platforms. He has been known to promote Turkish shows on Pakistan’s national broadcaster, PTV, via his social media and tout the various achievements under his leadership. Well, in an attempt to promote the tourism industry of the country, PM Khan tweeted a few pictures to highlight the natural beauty of Gilgit Baltistan but got himself into trouble.


Prime Minister Imran Khan recently got caught stealing when he shared a few snaps on his official Twitter, which featured the picturesque areas of Gilgit Baltistan

The PM captioned the picture well by saying that it is one of his favorite places on the earth and appreciated the colors of nature just before the arrival of winters. The caption read, ” The colors of Gilgit Baltistan just before the onset of winter. One of my favorite places on this Earth.”


Undoubtedly, the place is beyond beautiful, and the color combination of mountains with green orangish trees was absolutely magical

Source: @asmarhussain110/Twitter


While everyone was appreciating the beauty of the areas, a hardworking photographer called out PM Imran Khan for basically stealing his photo

Asmar, the photographer, thanked the PM for sharing a photo he had had taken but said that he would have appreciated it if his watermark on the photo wasn’t intentionally cropped out.

In the words of the photographer, ” Thank you Sir @ImranKhanPTI for sharing my picture but it would have been great if my watermark hasn’t being cropped and credits may have been given to me.”


The photographer said he would’ve appreciated it even more if his hard work was recognized by Prime Minister Imran Khan instead of removing his watermark, thereby essentially stealing the photo

Some told him to appreciate that his work was shared by the PM even if his watermark was removed to which the photographer responded that while he isn’t claiming copyright on the photo for removing his watermark, he would’ve been even more thankful if the Prime Minister had acknowledged who the original photographer was.


People stated that in either case, it was indeed a big achievement for the photographer


Quite a few agreed that the Imran Khan, instead of stealing the photo, should’ve acknowledged the photographer’s original work


Some pointed out that the team behind Prime Minister’s social media accounts should have been more careful because it reflects badly on the PM himself


There are those who feel that because plagiarism is a serious crime, Imran Khan stealing someone’s work by intentionally removing their watermark should be dealt with seriously

They even said that Khan is a pro at taking away the credit for other people’s work.

While speaking to MangoBaaz about his work being used by the Prime Minister’s official social media without acknowledging his work, Asmar said, “I am happy that our PM shared one of my photographs by[sic] his personal account from Nagar valley in which Alex Ronald a US Solo traveler [is] riding [a] bike with her friend in the autumn season, it’s indeed a positive projection of my homeland Pakistan to the world, as I mentioned in my tweet it would have been more boost to efforts of [p]hotographers for promoting Pakistan if PM has mentioned the [p]hotographer’s name as well, but I guess after this issue has been acknowledged by PM office, they will do give proper credits to [p]hotographers in future”.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image: Irfan Ahson / @asmarhussain110 via Twitter

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