Hamza Ali Abbasi Interviewed PM Imran Khan And People Can't Handle It

By Maryam Khalid | 6 Dec, 2020

Hamza Ali Abbasi came to our screens after a long, long time as he interviewed Prime Minister Imran Khan. Mind you, that the actor had bid farewell to the showbiz industry last year. Then he kinda stated that he might be working on some projects. The actor also holds a reputation for getting quite political from time to time. Anyway, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see him in an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Hamza Ali Abbasi started by asking how Imran Khan is as a person, besides being the Prime Minister of the country

Imran Khan talked about his cricketing career, his close observation of western culture, and his journey back to religion.

Source: HUM News/ YouTube

The actor also asked if PM Imran Khan would be investing in producing worthwhile Pakistani content, instead of just suggesting Turkish series

Imran Khan said that he wanted the Turkish series ”Ertugrul” to be shown in Pakistan, to show all the content makers that a show with Islamic values can be immensely popular as well.

PM Imran Khan also talked about the rapid spike of COVID cases in Pakistan and says that he will prevent political processions for that very reason

Also, he believes tourism could considerably boost up the revenue of the country

Source: HUM News/ YouTube

Anyway, a lot was discussed during the interview conducted by Hamza Ali Abbasi. And now, Pakistanis can’t help but share their thoughts.

Some people questioned why Hamza Ali Abbasi was interviewing PM Imran Khan

Some people also pointed out how Hamza may have been trying hard to be like Stephen Sackur

Overall, people seemed to be rather disappointed

Having seen the interview, what do you think? Were the important questions asked? Is the trolling justified? Let us know in the comments!


Fans Are Calling For Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar To Play Ertugrul & Halime Sultan In The Pakistani Version Of The Show


Cover image via HUM News

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