21 Adorable Things That Make Your Abu The Typical Pakistani Father

By Malaika Tahir | 1 Jul, 2017

A father, your biggest supporter and your biggest critic. He never shies away from stating what’s exactly on his mind. His advice is what brings order into your life and you love the way he lives his life by his own rules.

Here are a few things that make your dad a typical Pakistani father:


1. He’s addicted to news channels

Something our Abus can spend hours and hours doing without a single complain.

Source: giphy.com
Via: giphy.com

2. He can become a mechanic, plumber and electrician whenever he wants to

He thinks he can fix EVERYTHING.

“Zara paichkass laana


3. He’s never happy with the way you drive

You dread the moment he will sit on the passenger seat while you drive, and criticize your every single move.

Source: tumblr.com
Via: Tumblr

4. When he drives he prefers driving with the speed of a turtle

Whenever you have to reach somewhere urgently, you pray that Abu isn’t the one dropping you.

5. “Sirf zarurat ki cheezain rakhna” – his advice for luggage, every single time

Dads hate packing and samaan. And he actually follows his own advice as his own luggage consists of only two shirts, a pant and toiletries.

Source: gifspro.com
Source: gifspro.com

6. Bringing back complimentary hotel room supplies is his expertise

What we pay for is ours and mini bars are off-limit.

Source: ibsrt.com
Source: ibsrt.com

7. He will always have elaborate comments on road constructions

Inn logon ko ye road thori bari banaani chaiye thi

Source: dawn.com
Source: dawn.com

8. And everything else, also

Dads have elaborate opinions, and that’s a fact. We love them for it.


9. Sharing health related Whatsapp chain messages

He keeps us aware.


10. Laughing the loudest at miaan biwi jokes

And he makes sure, your ami is listening when he loudly reads a miaan-biwi joke in which biwi is the culprit


11. He’s the first one to educate you about any new health scam because he saw it on the news


12. Commenting on how well a new business will do

“Ye restaurant tum log dekhna, aik maheenay mein band hojaye ga. Location nahi theek.

Source: gizmodo.com
Source: gizmodo.com

13. He’ll tell you off for ordering food and how ghar ka khaana is the best

Aur Ayesha Mumtaz tu jese abu ki duayon ka nateeja hai.”

Source: npr.org
Source: npr.org

14. He’s like the only person you know who’s concerned about the hidden charges of ATM machines

Har transaction pe 7 rupay kaat leti hai ATM machine

Source: giphy.com
Via: giphy.com

15. He can always sense oncoming danger and save you from it


16. Your abu is a walking, talking reminder for important things

Waking up you up for exams, reminding you about your appointments and what not.

Source: popsugar.com
Source: 20th Century Fox Television

17. If you’re traveling abroad as a family, he will be in charge of  keeping visas and passports together, in his special pait pe baandhne wala bag


18. He reads utility bills very carefully, million times over

Puray saal k bijli kay bill zabaani yaad hain 

Source: eonenergy.com
Source: eonenergy.com

19. Abu jee can predict the future like a boss, especially about bad things

Iss traffic ko dekh k lagta hai k aj se takreeba 10 sal baad, Cheenion ki tarah hum bhi cycle pe daftar  jaya karain gay.”

Source: tumblr.com
Source: Talpa Media / Warner Horizon Television

20. He has some swear words he will use every two sentences

Ullu ka patha, ghadda

Source: tumblr.com
Source: Deedle-Dee Productions

21.  And of course, his favorite: Telling you how his zamana was so much better

Uss zamaane mein bus aik cinema hota tha, aur hum sab dost chup k jaaya karte thay film dekhne.”

Source: pinterest.com
Source: West-Shapiro Productions / Castle Rock Entertainment


Fathers are awesome! Let us know something else your father does that you find adorable, in the comments section.


Cover image via: TheLeakyCauldron / YouTube

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