A Cinema In The US Is Offering Pakistani Food And Americans Are Going Crazy For It

By Arslan Athar | 1 Jul, 2017

Imagine sitting in the cinema, watching a movie and eating a proper meal at the same time. Movie cravings are real and popcorn sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Many cinemas in America offer this service and the menus they have are pretty mouth-watering. Lekin desi khana is desi khana, nothing else quite hits the spot.


So this cinema in the US is now offering Pakistani Food on their menu and here’s the story behind it

Source: austin360.com


Kumail Nanijani, a Pakistani American comedian, is here to solve that problem with this awesome cinema menu he’s offering in Austin, Texas. 


Kumail has written and starred in a movie based on the true story of how he met his Amreeki wife, Emily and it’s getting SO MUCH LOVE

The movie, ‘The Big Sick’ is about him falling in love with her, and how they bring their two, very different families together.

Source: FilmNation Entertainment / Apatow Productions

The movie is so loved it holds a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to the couple, the movie shows how food brings the family together.

Having desi food offered at this cinema allows for the audience to enjoy and experience the movie at a whole new level.

Source: splitsider.com

The menu has comments from both Kumail and Emily; their memories associated with each dish. Really adds a whole new layer of ‘cute’ to this whole thing.


Their feelings about biryani are basically all of us 

Source: @kumailn / Twitter

And Emily had this to say about seekh kabab

Source: @kumailn / Twitter

Kumail’s childhood memories are basically all of us 

Source: @kumailn / Twitter


This menu is too cute for us to handle, but saath saath mein its also leaving us way too hungry.

Source: Deenga

And we aren’t the only ones

Biryani fever is everywhere

Potato Naans are pretty drool-worthy too

Why, yes. We do love our aaloos 


If you’re feeling slightly hungry right about now, you know what to do: buy a ticket and head on over to Amreeka (that was a joke…)

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