Every Type Of Pakistani Auntie You'll Ever Run Into At The Darzi

By Kashaf | 5 Nov, 2017

Getting clothes made from your tailor is a very difficult task. However, when you’re at the darzi, you will come across some very interesting aunties.


1. The Line Cutter

Source: Deedle Dee Productions

This auntie will completely ignore the line, go straight to the darzi himself, and demand that he stops everything he’s doing to listen to her.


2. The one that bought the entire collection

Source: Alloy Entertainment

This auntie will enter the tailor shop with bags upon bags of cloth. It will seem as if she raided every clothing market in the city.


3. The patient one

Via Deenga

This poor soul will stand for hours, patiently waiting for her turn. When it finally is her turn she will very calmly explain what she wants.


4. The one who starts asking you questions aka auntie who’s looking for a rishta

Via Deenga

There will always be that one auntie that will start up a conversation with you: Where do you live? What are you getting made? Are you married? She’s probably just trying to be nice and also on the hunt for potential suitors.


5. The one that takes 2 hours to explain her design

Via: Deenga

This auntie will take hours, and I mean HOURS to explain every little detail of what she wants. She does this despite knowing that the darzi doesn’t care and at the end of the day he’s going to do what he wants.


6. The Screamer

Via Tumblr

This auntie  will scream unmercifully at the darzi, creating a scene that all the other aunties will gather and watch.


7. The one crying about her ruined dresses

Source: Reliance Entertainment

Occasionally you will see an auntie weeping about how her outfits were made – this will usually happen around shaadi season.


8. The naive one

Via Deenga

This auntie, poor thing, does not know that you should never trust master saab, especially when he tells you that your clothes will be made in time for that very important event that you have to attend.


9. The one obsessed with her size

Via Deenga

This auntie will make master saab take her size every time she gets clothes made. She will make him measure her arms, ankles, neck, face, everything.


How many of these aunties have you come across?


Also, if you’re wondering about all the stuff that a darzi has to hear, check this out:


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