Missing Game of Thrones? Here Are 24 Other ‘Angrezi' TV Series To Watch, Instead

By Syed Saad | 24 Oct, 2016

As most GOT fans, you’re probably waiting for the next season which won’t air till next summer (because, as co-showrunner David Benioff has already explained why the seventh season won’t arrive until next summer, months later than usual).

To kill your boredom and the long wait why not start watching these epic TV series instead? So, let’s get this started, and in no specific order, the TV shows are:




Misfits is a better, funny & British version of the show Heroes. With the familiar face of Ramsay Bolton a.k.a Iwan Rheon, in misfits he might even become your second most likable character.

Status : 5 Seasons
Network : C4
My Rating : 8/10 Mangoes




“Plata O Plomo?” (Silver or Lead?) … Shame on you, if you haven’t seen it! you pendejo!

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : Netflix
My Rating : 9.5/10 Mangoes


Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a brilliant and thrilling series that dares to ask the question about the exploitation of the current and the upcoming technology, hence redefining the term “techno-paranoia”. Each episode has a different story and it’s not about innovation or our future advancements; it’s about our human nature, the good, the bad & the ugliness and that is definitely the most disturbing aspect of it all.

Status : 3 Seasons
Network : Channel 4, Netflix
My Rating : 8/10 Mangoes




Westworld is a remake of the 1973 movie of the same title, about a futuristic adult-themed amusement park populated by artificial beings which offer rich clients the chance to visit the long gone era of the Old West.

Status : 1 Seasons (currently airing)
Network : HBO
My Rating : 9/10 Mangoes


Ash Vs Evil Dead


Ash (aka ashy slashy) is back!! After spending decades avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead until a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all mortal souls  – Ash again becomes mankind’s only hope. Definitely a treat for all the Evil Dead trilogy fans 😀

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : Starz
My Rating : 7.5/10 Mangoes


Bates Motel


Bates Motel is a modern day depiction of the prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho (based on Robert Bloch’s novel of the same name). Vera Farmiga (Norma Bates) truly stands out with her portrayal of the character, you might remember her from The Conjuring movies. It was announced on July 22, 2016 at San Diego Comic-Con International that Rihanna would appear in the iconic role of Marion Crane for the final season.

Status : 4 Seasons
Network : A&E Network
My Rating : 8.5/10 Mangoes


Marco Polo

marco-polo tv series

Marco Polo series might not be historically correct but it sure packs a mean punch; intriguing story, great cinematography, complemented by above-average choreography [including Kung-fu] and costumes. It starts quite slow, gradually picking up momentum which continues into the second season. Also, Benedict Wong as ‘Kublai Khan’,  Tom Wu as ‘Hundred Eyes’ and the super awesome kick-ass 54-year-old Michelle Yeoh as ‘Lotus’ are the real MVPs of the series.

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : Netflix
My Rating : 7/10 Mangoes




If you have the slightest interest in Norse Mythology or get intrigued by Viking era then you’ll fall in love with the show/ Also, it shares many similarities with GOT minus the dragons, white walkers or any other fictional beings. The protagonist ‘Ragnar Lothbrok’ played by Travis Fimmel, might be his best role so far.

Status : 4 Seasons
Network : History Channel
My Rating : 7.5/10 Mangoes


Mr. Robot


Mr. Robot is a drama, techno/psychological thriller with a great plot & mind-bending reveals. One could say Mr. Robot shows an accurate depiction of hacking & hacking culture. Almost in every episode, there’s this one moment where your mind would wander off to the dark-side…

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : USA Network
My Rating : 9.5/10 Mangoes




Three dudes working in a telemarketing firm, going on hilarious “trips”, now that’s a fun series to binge on when you really don’t want to worry about analyzing every episode.

Status : 6 Seasons
Network : Comedy Central
My Rating : 9/10 Mangoes


The Wire


The Wire is arguably the greatest crime drama TV show ever made. It aired back in 2002 and had an amazing cast, for some it even boosted their careers (Idris Elba, anyone?). It has now even become a TV icon of sorts, because over the last few years, there have been substantial references to the show in different movies, TV shows, songs, and all over the internet.

My personal favorite character in the show is definitely Omar Little.

Matt Leunig

Status : 5 Seasons
Network : HBO
My Rating : 10/10 Mangoes


Rick and Morty


Rick and Morty is an animated series about inter-dimensional misadventures of an alcoholic scientific genius ‘Rick’ and his kind-hearted, anxious grandson ‘Morty’. The level of details & the humor is overwhelmingly brilliant. They even got featured in The Simpsons opening credits couch gag.

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : Adult Swim
My Rating : 9.8/10 Mangoes


Arrested Development


Arrested Development is number one on my list of funniest show ever. It is about a dysfunctional family, the show is narrated by Ron Howard and has featured special guest appearances by Zach Braff, Charlize Theron, Ben Stiller, Martin Short, Amy Poehler & many more.

Also featuring the chicken dance:

chicken dance
Source: Giphy

Status : 4 Seasons
Network : Fox & Netflix
My Rating : 10/10 Mangoes




Preacher is based on comics by Vertigo (DC Comics) and is co-developed by Seth Rogen. The show is satire in nature and filled with supernatural action & comedy. The show does remind me of Quentin Tarantino’s work, which is freaking awesome.

Status : 1 Season
Network : AMC
My Rating : 7.6/10 Mangoes


Stranger Things


I was skeptical when I saw the trailer for Stranger Things, to me that time it seemed like another version of “Super 8” (the movie) but I was so wrong and I’m glad. The show quickly hooks on to you, the opening theme song, amazing 80’s atmosphere, and the pseudoscience are all a treat for the viewer.

Status : 1 Season
Network : Netflix
My Rating : 8/10 Mangoes




Some might say Fringe is like The X-files on steroids, to me both are different show. Fringe doesn’t set out to expose government conspiracies and doesn’t do artificial humor. It captures by appealing to the imagination, based on current state of science & technology but not confined by it, creating a very interesting and engaging story that is also believable and could be our future.

Status : 5 Seasons
Network : Fox
My Rating : 9.2/10 Mangoes




Sterling Malory Archer, code name Duchesses… the overly needy, sexist, mama’s boy of a man. Archer is an animated adult series with quality animation and over the top crude & witty humor.

Status : 7 Seasons
Network : FX
My Rating : 9.4/10 Mangoes


Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell


‘Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell’ lampoons the corporate work environment, religion, pop culture and everything in between, set in the modern Christian projection of Hell. Not for the squeamish or those who get offended rather easily.

Status : 3 Seasons (currently airing)
Network : Adult Swim
My Rating : 9.666/10 Mangoes


The 100


The 100 is a post-apocalyptic action drama where a nuclear war has destroyed civilization and humans are living in space-station for decades, in hopes of survival; 100 juvenile delinquents are sent to Earth confronting the dangers of this rugged new world.

Status : 3 Seasons
Network : The CW
My Rating : 6.8/10 Mangoes




Wilfred is about a guy Ryan (Elijah Wood) who can see his neighbor’s dog as a full grown man in a dog suit who talks to him and messes up his depressing life. I recommend the American version, but the original is an Australian show with the same name.

Status : 4 Seasons
Network : FX, FXX
My Rating : 8.9/10 Mangoes


Better Call Saul


Better Call Saul is possibly the only spin-off which is equally good as its predecessor. The show is as multilayered as Breaking Bad, yet very much of its own thing. It’s a must watch for all the breaking bad fans.

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : AMC
My Rating : 9.7/10 Mangoes


True Detective


“An anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law.” – IMDB

Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson in season one.
Vince Vaughn, Taylor Kitsch, Rachel McAdams & Colin Farrell in season two.

Each season has a unique, dark, sinister flavor & stellar cast; the show is amazingly haunting and beautiful…

Status : 2 Seasons
Network : HBO
My Rating : 10/10 Mangoes




Another great series by Netflix which is quite underrated compared to ‘House of Cards’, ‘DareDevil’ & ‘Orange is the new Black’.  The show constantly keeps you on edge, not a single dull moment; one only has to keep an open octa-mind.

Status : 1 Season
Network : Netflix
My Rating : 8/10 Mangoes


Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter


Heeeeyyy-yuuump! he-yump! he-yump! he-yump! he-yump! he-yump! ….. he-yump! Don’t worry I didn’t go mad by the end of this article, you’ll get it once you watch the show.

(This mini-series is a pure work of genius)

Status : 1 Season 
Network : Adult Swim
My Rating : 9/10 Mangoes


Happy binge-watching.

Source: Giphy


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