Here's Everything A Scorpio Would Like You To Know

By Haadia Paracha | 24 Oct, 2016

Scorpio folks are notorious for the mystery that surrounds them. According to ancient Roman mythology, Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, the planetary combo extending intense energy towards this star sign.

Sworn to secrecy by their own selves, these good folks are often misunderstood.  Since this star falls under October 24 to November 22, here’s everything a Scorpion is dying for you to know:


1. They are very, very intense.

Via: Tumblr

Categorized as one of the most passion-driven of all creatures, Scorpios are super intense. Their mysterious aura draws people toward them but it is their feisty persona that gets them to stay.


2. They are loyal AF

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Trust is the fundamental rock over which all relationships work for these good folks. Which is why any breach in trust is usually unforgivable. Once betrayed, it is extremely hard to win them back.


3.  They share their sign with some very cool people

Like Leonardo Di Caprio

Source: thedressdown
Source: thedressdown


Ryan Gosling

Source: Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia


Humaima Malik, Bill Gates and Anne Hathaway



And also, our national poet Allama Iqbal.

Source: Rizkan

4. They are highly competitive

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Scorpios are goal-oriented, ambitious and determined which is usually projected through their power-hungry go-getter attitude. It is this attitude that makes them exceptionally competitive in nature.  A powerhouse? Like no other.


5. Scorpio folks tend to be brutally honest

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All the compliments come straight from the heart, no B.S.


6. Scorpios are known to be emotional however, they aren’t very expressive.

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Scorpios are definitely not an “open book” and it requires a lot of patience and persistence to make a deeper connection with them. Deep down, they have a very emotional soul but only a select few get to see it.


7. Scorpio folks can get extremely protective and possessive of their loved ones.

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Source: Yash Raj Films

Sometimes a double edged sword, they usually feel obligated to look out for those they hold dear.

8. Extremely picky about people they surround themselves with.

Source: Tumblr
Via: Tumblr

While they are selective about who they choose to befriend, once the connection is made, you’re in for a roller coaster ride of meaningful conversations and crazy adventures.


9. They are hopelessly romantic at heart.

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Source: Showcase Films

Completely blinded by love, Scorpios are fall hard and fast and aren’t afraid to show it.


10. They can also be a little…seductive.

Source: imgur
Source: imgur

On the flip side, they have abundance of charm and magnetism that makes it hard to ignore them.


11. Scorpio women shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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They are strong, independent, direct and brilliantly sharp. When in love, Scorpio women play the game just as well as any other and they are sexy to boot. While it may appear that they want to wear the pants in the relationship, scorpion women actually want someone who challenges them but also lets them take the lead sometimes. It is this very balance that makes for a very interesting relationship dynamic.


12. Scorpio man lives life on his own terms.

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They can be moody with a hot temper but is more vulnerable than he chooses to show. Under all the cool exterior is a man broiling with feelings. While they tend to remain aloof on the outside, they are truly sensitive individuals. They are darkly sexy and don’t care much for PDAs. The rest is on to you, really.


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