This Traffic Warden Fined His Son For Not Wearing A Helmet And Lol, Ghar Jaa Keh Kya Hona Hai

By Biya Haq | 9 Oct, 2018

A traffic warden just issued his son a ticket for not wearing a helmet in Sadiqabad near Rahim Yar Khan and lol, ouch.

Source: Geo News

ASP Traffic Police Imtiaz Abbas charged his son a Rs 200 fine for not wearing a helmet while driving his motorcycle. Last month, the Punjab authorities hiked up traffic violations and added in stricter rules to regulate traffic in a much more effective fashion.

Despite some minor rebellion risings, so far it seems as though the new laws have been doing their part to keep drivers and riders on the straight and narrow.

Source: MangoBaaz

Lolsy, unfortunately for Imtiaz Abbas’s son, it may have worked out too well.

Source: Geo News

Not a happy face^.

Just imagine having a parent as a traffic warden, I would assume that it would be easier to make walking your primary source of transportation. At least we can say it’s a step away from our usual nepotism laced antics!

The story has been making its rounds on social media and it seems as though people can’t get enough of the Father-son duo.

Source: paperazzimagazine Via Instagram
Source: paperazzimagazine Via Instagram
Source: paperazzimagazine Via Instagram
Source: paperazzimagazine Via Instagram

What would you do if your parent fined you a ticket? Technically if you think about it, they do it all the time. Every time we get into trouble, we get a punishment. Have we been prepping for this our whole lives? Omg…

Anyway! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Geo News 

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