Tinder Is Making A TV Show About Tinder Hookups During Qayamat

By Maryam Khalid | 20 Sep, 2019

Tinder TV shows would be insane if they use our chats… wait WTF

Jorey tou Aasmano per bantey hein. Lekin kuch Tinder per bhi bantey hein. Tinder, the popular online dating site is known to connect couples on the similarities in their profiles. But now it has upgraded to a whole new level.


So, Tinder will be making TV shows from now and I’m honestly equal parts confused and scared

In fact, Tinder has wrapped filming on its first television series. Many US based companies have adopted the strategy to offer original content to their consumers, to engage them on a deeper level so Tinder is just one of those, it seems. A spokesman for the company stated that making TV shows is a part of larger strategy that would be revealed later.

Source: huffingtonpost.in

But how can this be linked to the dating experience that Tinder has to offer?

According to reports, Tinder’s first show has a post-apocalyptic plot and would match singles on what they would do if the world is coming to an end.


The new TV show from Tinder will remind you of Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’

Tinder’s first original venture is really a turning point in the conventional ways of pairing up couples. Reportedly, the app will launch a six-episode “choose your own adventure” series with a post-apocalyptic scenario. Viewers will swipe left/right to make pivotal choices for the story’s character.

The choices will not only build the storyline but also connect them to the viewer who has opted for the similar decisions.

Source: crn.com.au

Relationships waley dramey are too mainstream now Tinder is making dramas on hooking up.

What do you think about Tinder’s new TV show? Let us know in the comments.


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