This Restaurant In Karachi Is Getting Slammed For Their New Azaadi Ad For Being Extremely Misogynistic

By Noor | 14 Aug, 2020

People are disgusted by the restaurant in Karachi for their misogynistic new ad

Patriarchy is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of our country and we often find examples of casual misogyny everywhere. Well, this new azaadi discount by a restaurant is an embodiment of misogyny and is severely being criticized by the masses.


So, this restaurant in Karachi just launched their new azaadi discount campaign which invited husbands to dine in without their wives to celebrate “azaadi

Basically, the advertisement proposed by Zeytin, a Turkish restaurant, has offered men a free meal if they are ‘brave’ enough to dine out alone. Also, they have mentioned that they are offering first aid kits too, as the married men might need them later. T

The ad implies that married men need azaadi if they’re ‘stuck’ with their wives at their homes.

Let’s make Zeytin the married men's club but Zara Hat Kay! If you have the courage to dine in alone even after…

Gepostet von Zeytin am Donnerstag, 13. August 2020


People were quick to point out the underlying misogyny in the ad by the restaurant in Karachi

Source: @Zeytin/Facebook


They suggested the restaurant to come up with some better marketing strategies instead of dragging women unnecessarily, especially at a time when women face real challenges

Source: @Zeytin/Facebook


A few pitched in the concept of dining out with the wives so that the ladies also get a break from the unpaid labor

Source: @Zeytin/Facebook


People were shocked at the audacity of the restaurant in Karachi, posting this as an ad in an already patriarchal society which is known to make women suffer

Source: @Zeytin/Facebook


There was a faction which defended the institution of marriage and highlighted the beauty of bond which does not necessarily affect the ‘independence’ of any of the people involved

Source: @Zeytin/Facebook


In summation, many people just found the ad by the restaurant in Karachi to be plain dumb and pathetic

Source: @Zeytin/Facebook
Source: @Zeytin/Facebook

In a patriarchal society like ours where women literally have to ‘fight’ to get their basic rights, ads like these wrongly allow the men to play the victim card and often end up vindicating them of the blame of often making the women suffer. This also overshadows the problems faced by women, who’re the ones who face the real issues in society. The point is to stop pitching women and men as adversaries, to  stop wrongly portraying men as the victims and women as the oppressors which obviously is not true in most cases.

Thoughts on this ad? Sound off in the comments below.


This Karachi Sandwich Restaurant’s Disgusting Ad Missed The Mark Big Time And It’s Concerning


Cover image via: Zeytin / Facebook

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